A more appropriate moniker could not have been levied on a person as was recently made by President Trump when referring to the current Speaker of the House, California Democrat Nancy Pelosi. In response to comments that had been made by Pelosi, President Trump referred to her as “nasty”.  Pelosi’s ‘nasty’ remarks were made during a meeting between Democrats this past Tuesday when Pelosi was quoted as saying that “she didn’t want to see him (Trump) impeached, she wanted to see him in jail”.

The Speaker in the past has described herself as a “master legislator”, but one would assume that she is using her own definition since few would consider her as anything more than a partisan political hack. A career politician who exists in office solely to perpetuate the ruling political class that has long been out of touch with the American people.

Nasty Nancy has spent decades in Congress achieving nothing of note that anyone can really recall. Her only “achievement” was during the first term of Barack Obama when she helped to foist upon the American people an abomination called “ObamaCare”. One of her gems at that time was to ridiculously declare that “we have to pass it so we can see what’s in it”. One would have to search high and low throughout history to find a more stupid comment ever made by a politician about a piece of legislation.

But stupidity is nothing new for Nancy Pelosi. The Internet is replete with video clips – UNALTERED ONES – showing the Speaker babbling incoherently about one thing or another.

She simply is a walking, talking Washington, D.C. court jester. The problem is that she stands number three in the line of succession to the Presidency, which should give everyone pause.

As a patriotic American I pray every day for our nation and for the President of the United States. I pray that he receives divine guidance to lead our country through difficult times. But I have to admit that I pray a little harder every day for the Good Lord to protect President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. I pray that they stay healthy knowing that “Nasty Nancy” is standing in the wings ready to take the reins of government should anything befall the president or vice president.

When watching Nancy Pelosi giving a press briefing it’s becoming apparent that what faculties she once was in possession of she has long ago lost. She has difficulty focusing on any subject being discussed, or in clearly articulating a response to any questions.

At one time I thought it was merely the political dodging that career politicians often do to avoid giving answers that they can be tied down to later. But with Nancy Pelosi it seems to have progressed far beyond simple “politispeak”. Nancy has clearly lost any grasp she may have had of any of the important issues of the day being discussed and debated. That is if she ever had any grasp at all.

Pelosi lives, eats, and breathes ‘politics’, it’s a game for her. She cares little about working hard to make life better for every-day Americans. Bi-partisanship is a one-way street for Nancy Pelosi, she expects Republicans to always come over to her way of thinking, yet she simply is incapable of any give and take. The art of compromise is not in her vocabulary.

In line with the darling of the radical socialist wing of the Democrat Party led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, “it’s my way or the highway” is Nancy Pelosi’s philosophy. Actually, it always has been her policy, bi-partisanship is a non-starter for her. But at least so far Pelosi hasn’t taken up the habit of vigorously wagging her finger at us as she lectures us, like AOC does.

The no compromise policy of Pelosi and AOC might be good from a purely political perspective. But it does nothing to help solve the very difficult challenges facing our nation. Including what challenges we ‘might’ be facing on the environment.

But we can’t expect anything different from Speaker Pelosi. She will never change. And if she isn’t a poster child for term limits then one doesn’t exist. The best we can hope for is that in 2020 she is once again relegated to the position of Minority Leader.

But I’m not sure that AOC will let that happen, Pelosi is too much of an ‘old school politician’ and not radical enough for AOC. So more likely Nancy will finally retire since she simply could never ever accept being just another Congressperson elected to serve her constituency. Far beneath the perception she has of herself.

So yes, President Trump’s moniker “Nasty Nancy” might well seem to be appropriate. It indeed does describe her personality to a ‘T’. But for me, I personally believe “Bat-Shit Crazy Nancy” is a much better fit. Actually, the “Bat Shit Crazy” part fits AOC too !