Narcissism, Autism, and ADHD - The New Epidemic

There is a dramatic increase of brain disorders in America today, but why? Brain disorders that range from narcissism to Autism to ADHD, problems we didn’t see much of in years past. Dr. Sally Schutz reveals some of the main reasons these problems are on the rise and what we can do about them. We talk about how narcissism and all the other brain disorders are on the rise in America and how these all have a common cause(s). And one of those causes that’s not talked about much is a certain genetic defect in the brain.

Dr. Schutz says, according to research, that there’s a certain SNIP that once upregulated can reverse these brain disorders. She also states there’s not just one genetic problem but another one that some people have that reduces their body’s ability to properly detoxify certain toxins from their body. When you combine these two along with all the toxins in our food, water and environment plus add an unhealthy diet then you have a recipe for disaster and that my friends is what’s developing right before our eyes – a potential disaster if something is not done to stop this trend.

Dr. Sally Schutz is a retired ophthalmic surgeon who now helps people heal using natural alternative medicine. She has discovered a company that uses high quality supplements and a unique patented process in manufacturing that ensures their customers get what their body needs so their body can heal and she is seeing remarkable results with those she works with. We talk about these supplements and how they are helping a number of people heal and get better from all kinds of brain disorders anything from autism to foggy thinking. It’s important for anyone who’s having any kind of brain problem to listen to this show because Dr. Schutz might just have the solution to your problem.

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