Arabian Muslim scholars especially, keep on boasting to humanity regarding the alleged glorious and unrivalled achievements of the Muhammadan Muslim Civilization.

How accurate are their claims compared with those of the so called Infidels/ Kuffar?

To start with, let us address the expression: Muhammadan Muslim Civilization, if it has a rational meaning.

Civilization, as its etymology suggests, is a concept originally linked to CITIES and towns. The earliest emergence of civilizations is generally associated with the final stages of the Neolithic Revolution (Stone Age Agricultural Revolution; 12,000 years BCE), culminating in the relatively rapid process of urban revolution and state formation, a political development associated with the appearance of a governing elite.

The abstract noun “civilization”, meaning “civilized condition”, came in the first use in English is attributed to Adam Ferguson, who in his 1767 Essay on the History of Civil Society wrote, “Not only the individual advances from infancy to manhood, but the species itself from rudeness to civilization”. The word Civilized is therefore opposed to barbarism or rudeness, in the active pursuit of progress characteristic of the Age of Enlightenment.

Civilizations are invariably associated with a unique cultural people; a racial group or even a geographic location but rarely with a religion, a cult or any belief system per se, such as the following Civilizations:

Indus Valley; Roman; Persian; Greek; Chinese; Aztec and Inca for example.

How can a civilization be associated with a belief system?

Catholic civilization? Protestant? Sunni? Shia? Greek Orthodox? Jewish? Buddhist? Hindu? Anglican? Christian?

If NOT, then why Islamic since under Islam’s IMPERIALIM hundreds of millions of non Muslims from at least five ancient indigenous civilizations were treated as third class subject peoples to Islamic Sharia?

As we have amply and repeatedly demonstrated in our unassailable articles, that most of the claims of the followers of Muhammad regarding their lineage, their ancestry, their beliefs, their traditions, their conquests and their achievements in general, are based entirely upon MYTHS and LIES that the Muslims concocted in the first place, by re- writing history as most victors do, and then actually believing them to be TRUE.

Hitler, the Nazis and Communists demonstrably proved that a LIE, the bigger it is and the more it is repeated becomes a TRUTH. Hitler, like his mentor Muhammad 1400 years before him, knew exactly what to do with LIES.

We shall now make a summation of many of the revelations that we made in numerous earlier articles regarding the following FACTS:

1  Muhammad in his Quran asserts –as we all already know anyway – that the Arabs were mostly illiterate and had no knowledge of Previous Revelations.

2  Most of the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula, in the Hijaz especially where Muhammad grew up, were nomadic or semi nomadic unlearned, illiterate, superstitious and simple pagan people.

3  It is a historical and rational fact that NO CIVILIZATION CAN EVER BE PRODUCED BY MOBILE NOMADS (un sedentary/ settled peoples) and there was none where Muhammad was borne in Arabia.

4  The Muslim Arabs were mostly illiterate, uncivilized hordes that conquered many of the greatest civilizations of the time (7th century AD): The Sassanid Persian Zoroasterians, the Byzantine Christians, the Egyptian Coptic Christians, the Hindu Indians; the Chinese Buddhists, etc.

5  For the first 100 years of Arab imperialism, the Ummayad Arabs were more interested in the acquisition of plunder through the conquest, slaughter, subjugation, booty and enslavement of non Muslim peoples/ Kuffar/ Infidels than anything else.

6  The victorious Arab hordes had absolutely nothing of value to contribute to the colonized, subjugated and enslaved peoples on three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe.

7  The architecture of the Islamic mosques and the financial and agricultural administration of the Islamic expanding empire were achieved by the architects, artists and bureaucrats of the subject nations whether they converted to Muhammadan Islam or remained Christians, Zoroasterians, Hindus or of the faith of the Jews.

8  It was invariably the literate and highly educated Christians, Jews and Zoroasterian Persians of the subject peoples of this new empire, who translated to Arabic, the legacies of the Greeks, Romans, Persians and others: Scientific, Literary, Culinary and Theological.

9  It was upon these ancient and accumulated foundations of KNOWLEDGE that the next stage of Muhammadan Islam took place especially under the Abbasids who replaced the Ummayads everywhere except in Spain.

10  When the empire was established and there had already been several decades of translated knowledge, Muhammadan Muslims started building new knowledge upon the ancient foundations of the subjugated peoples.

11  We would like to refresh our readers’ memories regarding the FACT that the greatest number of these scientists and literati under Islamic rule were actually from among the conquered civilized peoples who had either converted or were descendants of converts to Islam and not from pure Arab stock.

12  Also remember, that these achievements even in Andalusia/ Spain occurred invariably under Muhammadan Muslim rulers who were secular and not Fundamentalist Sharia compliant.

13  It is also a fact that absolutely NOTHING of value can ever be produced in the abyss of Fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam; not even a blade of grass can grow under Sharia as most of the 57 Muslim majority countries in the 21st century prove.

14  There is unequivocally no doubt, that under the Arab Islamic Empire, great achievements were made in the sciences and literature BUT all these were arrived at, when there was TOLERANCE of the subject peoples whereby Muslims, Christians, Jews and others were allowed to work together in relative freedom that brought about these results.

15  We must repeat again and again and again a self evident fact that nonetheless escapes the attention of most people whether so called Believers/ Muslims or Unbelievers/ Kuffar/ Infidels, that Muhammad’s Quran PROHIBITS  Muslims from ever questioning any and all of its rulings and those of Muhammad’s SUNNA as they are allegedly the words of Allah that no human agency can or should ever tamper with. Not a dot can either be added nor removed thus altering the allegedly perfect Quran to imperfection.

16  Based upon these mandates, very few followers of Muhammad dared do otherwise and most of those who did during the last 1400 years were butchered, imprisoned or exiled.

17  Muhammadan Islam cannot allow investigation or inquiry because that would actually reveal the FACTS and TRUTH about itself, thus exposing its Mendacities, Abnormalities, Irregularities and its Contradictions of the Biblical originals proving it is most assuredly NOT divinely revealed, thus it is NOT an Abrahamic Religion.

18  Muhammadan Islam can ONLY exist under Tyranny, Ignorance, Brainwashing and utter Stupidity as 57 Muslim majority states prove.

Although the above may sound harsh words insulting about 1,500,000,000 Muslims, none the less they represent the Facts and Reality as we shall now demonstrate:

1  During the 569 years from 1450 to 2019, from among over 2,000,000,000 Muslims, no one can name TEN Muslims who have contributed anything of value to the advancement and betterment of humanity in any way shape or form.

2  In the last 1400 years of history, from among the hundreds of millions of Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula, no one can name TEN who have contributed anything of value to the advancement and betterment of humanity in any way shape or form.

3  From 1450 CE unto the present day, EVERY single Scientific, Literary and Artistic invention and creation, in hundreds upon hundreds of disciplines of knowledge, were and are being produced ONLY by so called Unbelievers/ Kuffar: Christians, Hindus, Chinese, Jews and others but NOT by Muslims.

4  The modern followers of Muhammad (Muslims), wear clothing, ride vehicles of transportation such as airplanes, ships, bicycles and motorcycles; drink clean water, have electricity, have medicine and medical instruments, read books, wear shoes, even the making of needles are ENTIRELY the product of the 80% of humanity whom they, with undeserved Arrogance and utter imbecility, Degrade and Insult non Muslims called Kuffar/ Infidels or Unbelievers.

5  That all of their 1.5 billion Muslims in 57 Muslim majority illiberal states, do not produce even ONE per TEN thousand of the scientific papers that a democracy such as tiny Israel of 8,000,000 people.

6  That of the hundreds of millions of the followers of Muhammad, representing 20% of humanity, only three received the Nobel Prize for scientific achievements while the DENIGRATED Jews – the alleged descendants of Apes and Pigs – represent 20% of all Nobel winners although they are only 0.2% of the world population and the remaining 79.6% of laureates are mostly Christians.

7  We had to mention these statistics to show, that the ONLY logical and intelligent conclusions regarding such extreme anomalies in human achievements MUST reside in the FACT that the followers of Muhammad as human beings, are not borne stupid and or ignorant, but that it is their Cult Belief System called Islam that indoctrinates them into being Ignorant, Unlearned and invariably Irrational.

8  We sincerely hope that some of the followers of Muhammad who are reading these facts and statistics, will have second thoughts and start investigating, learning, comparing and contrasting the scriptures and literature of the so called Unbelievers and may then change their mind about their Cult Belief System of Islam; the Cult of Muhammad.

Again, we would very much like to discover a SINGLE Muslim or any of their brain dead apologists find any un truth in this article.