There’s a demand I make of people before I agree to coach them. I make a promise, and they need to do the same if they want to become my client.

It goes like this: “If I’m going to coach you, I will hold nothing back. I will give 100%. I will coach you fearlessly and openly, hide nothing and hold nothing back – I’ll need the same commitment from you.”

‘Demand’ can seem a big word, but that’s what this is. It isn’t a polite request or suggestion.

When someone decides to invest in my coaching, they’re putting their trust in me to lead them to a whole new level, to explore what it means to create exponential success, to get to the hopes, dreams and aspirations they may never have dared to look at before. And then we work out how to achieve them.

Without full expression, absolute truth and digging deep for the courage and belief to show up and unleash potential, there’s no point.

People aren’t paying me to be their friend, or help them settle for a mediocre life, when they’re capable of achieving far more.

I’m not doing anyone any favours by helping them to stay where they are.

So here’s my question to you this week: how fearless are you being in your life?

What do you want to achieve?

Do you even know?

Most of the people who come to me for coaching don’t – they might have some ideas of goals and outcomes, but what might be possible beyond those?

Sometimes it’s nigh on impossible for us to see beyond our own limited ideas – and our ideas, no matter how huge they seem, are almost always limited by our own outlook.

Who do you know? Who can you have some open and honest conversations with, where you might help each other dream beyond what you currently believe is possible? Who do you know who might be able to challenge you to do more, to learn more, to BE more? And who could you help in the same way?

Regardless of whether you invest in a coach, or work with a mentor, or read personal development books, or go to all those platform speaker events, how fearless are you really being?

Who could you become if you found a way beyond the fears that stop you? What would limitless look like to you? How could you step into the realm of exponential growth – and I’m not just talking finances. Life, love, clarity, fun, inner calm… anything you could do with more of.

What do you need to do to make these things happen? How fearless do you need to become?

Until next time,