Terry’s Christmas gift to listeners is a delightful and insightful talk with Julie Easterabout their favorite woman in the entire world – Mother Mary and her amazing role in salvation history.

Imagine if every angry and misguided American feminist would actually pause to learn about this mighty woman who brought Christ into the world; who crushes the head of Satan; who becomes the first disciple; who is Queen of Heaven; who shows us how to love until it hurts in this day of utter selfishness.

Even feminists should be aggressively challenging the rewriters of history who have mistranslated the Bible and denigrated Mary’s role in salvation history found in Genesis 3:15 from “…sheshall crush thy head….” to “… heshall crush thy head.”

Feminists should clamor to elevate and emulate this woman who is known by many descriptive names:  Mary, Holy Mother of God, Holy Virgin of Virgins, Mother of the Church, Virgin Most Merciful, Mirror of Justice, Seat of Wisdom, Mystical Rose, Tower of Ivory, and Ark of the Covenant, just to name a few because the list is quite long.

What feminists might discover is that God himself has given us all a most perfect loving Mother to emulate. She understood and told us to do what Jesus says to do. If we do, we have peace and love beyond all wildest expectations.

Merry Christmas!

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