For eight years, the Beatley family pursued answers to a growing list of ailments for their youngest daughter, consulting two allergists, a dentist, an endocrinologist, four orthopedic specialists, two internists, a kinesiologist, a pediatric neurologist and over 100 massages and chiropractic adjustments and an elbow surgery.

Host Terry Beatley shares her family’s journey of being poisoned by something which led to her being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and her daughter with fibromyalgia, other immune diagnoses, a bulging disc, windedness, brain fog and more. The poison was most likely the root cause of her husband’s prostate cancer, as well.

Most of the medical community had “labels,” but no one had answers until finally a live blood analysis and a urine test were done to look for some “silent killers.” With the results, the Beatley’s were well on their way toward healing. Terry calls it a “sci-fi nightmare” and has made it her mission to educate others so that more families will never have to experience what her family has endured for 8 years.

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