Muslims Murder NYPD Officer: Mayor & NYPD Complicit in Coverup 3

The year was 1972. Four patrolman were lured into a Mosque. A Mosque run my Louis Farakhan. It was a trap and 16 members of the Mosque attacked and beat the officers almost to death, taking ones gun and shooting Officer Phil Cardillo who would later die of his injuries. The subsequent coverup that began at the top levels of the City and NYPD will shock you but the dogged determination of Detective Randy Jurgensen will inspire you as you follow his relentless pursuit of the killer.

In his book ‘Circle of Six’, Detective Randy Jurgensen lifts the curtain and sheds light on some of the darkest days of the NYPD.

Produced and Appeared in 50+ Films and Television Shows
Profiled and Mentioned in 500+ Articles
Received 3 Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart
Served and Protected for 20 years in NYPD

The oldest son of Harlem superintendents, Randy served as both a Paratrooper and as a Green Beret in Korea. His military accolades include three Bronze Stars and the prestigious Purple Heart. His Army helmet is on display at West Point. As a detective, Randy worked the streets of Harlem for l6 years, during which time the murder of Police Officer Philip Cardillo became the catalyst for one of the largest scandals in the history of the NYPD.

Jorgensen has appeared in over 50 films and television shows, including The French Connection, The Godfather, The Seven Ups, God Told Me To, Maniac, Sorcerer, Kojak, Fort Apache the Bronx, Superman, Vigilante, Cruising,  C.H.U.D., Maniac Cop, Homicide: Life on the Street, The Juror, Thinner and Donnie Brasco among many others as an advisor, actor, producer and writer.

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Book on Amazon: Circle of Six: The True Story of New York’s Most Notorious Cop Killer and the Cop Who Risked Everything to Catch Him