When you think of Jihadist Extremism, you immediately think of the Middle East or North Africa. Yet if recent developments are any indication, it could be coming to a town near you. All of this signifies the importance of training and preparedness for local and state law enforcement. Local law enforcement truly are the front lines on the global war on terror. For this reason I invited a man with a very unique background and one who is in the position to set the record straight!

Muslim Iraqi War Veteran and Police Officer Dr. Noor Razzaq talks about the Law Enforcement Response to Jihadist Extremism. American cops are on the front lines of Muslim Terrorism but how can our police combat it? Dr. Razzaq spent ten years as a Police Officer, SWAT Operator, Police Trainer, Deputy U.S. Marshal and many other law enforcement positions. His views on how law enforcement can reach the Muslim community and use time tested Community Policing methods to advance the law enforcement mission are eye opening. Tune in as Host Randy Sutton interviews him and discusses this incredibly important topic as well as Police Officers “Duty To Survive.”

Dr. Noor Razzaq is a university professor with varied experience across the military and law enforcement spectrum. He has served as Special Deputy U.S. Marshal, SWAT team operator/commander/instructor, training supervisor, patrolman, investigator, and protective services officer. He is currently an adjunct Associate Professor of Advanced National Security Studies at Morgan State University and serves as faculty in American Military University's Homeland Security Program. His professional experience consists of work in counterterrorism, force protection, anti-terrorism, and law enforcement to include joint operations with multiple federal and local law enforcement agencies.

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He has served in the U.S. Air Force in roles ranging from police supervisor to Presidential Security and serving in Operation Iraq Freedom during the invasion of Iraq. He has since served as a city police officer (Chesapeake, VA), Spec. Deputy U.S. Marshal, SWAT commander/ instructor, and investigator to include a background in advanced interrogation and Forensic Behavior Analysis with an emphasis on offender profiling in serial rape and serial homicide cases.

Dr. Razzaq earned his Masters of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati with an emphasis on biosocial criminology to include the study of the relationship between neurology, genetics, and environment on criminal behavior. He earned his Doctor of Management in Homeland Security while studying under Dr. Nadav Morag, former Israeli President Ariel Sharon's Senior Director for Domestic Policy and subsequently for Foreign Policy, at Israel’s National Security Council, Prime Minister’s Office. His doctoral dissertation was titled “Is there such thing as a Muslim World? Quantitative Answers and Implications for Countering Violent Extremism”. Dr. Razzaq's own previous publications cover topics ranging in scope from counterterrorism, behavioral analysis, interview and interrogation, and law enforcement to intelligence reform and his current scholarly pursuits include quantitative cross-cultural studies, counter-radicalization, and the political psychology of terrorism. He is currently affiliated with the Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Homeland Defense and Security (NPS/CHDS) and the Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) Mid-Atlantic Consortium-Center for Academic Excellence (MAC-CAE). He is also a born-and-raised American Muslim and has a unique perspective on techniques for law enforcement to interact with a variety of predominately Muslim populations.