Forensic criminologist and law enforcement expert DrRon Martinelli discusses the most complex forensic case of his career to date with Detective and former Cleveland Police Officer Association President Steve Loomis, when they review and analyze the officer-involved shooting incident and prosecution of Officer Michael Brelo on two counts of manslaughter.

Learn how DrRon’s nationally renowned Forensic Death Investigations Team sprang into action, reconstructed a dynamic crime scene involving 13 shooting officers firing 137 rounds in 17.5 seconds, resulting in the death of two drug dealing suspects – when no weapon was recovered from the suspects. Murder of seemingly unarmed suspects, you say? Not exactly. Listen to the amazing circumstances and how the forensic experts discovered and analyzed new evidence leading to the acquittal of an officer who believed that he was fighting for his life and the lives of other officers.

Image: Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo was acquitted on May 23, 2015 (Credit: CNN)

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