Muhammad & Dogs

When one studies Muhammad’s biography one will find out that Muhammad had an incredible degree of hatred and or fear of dogs. Muslims take his hatred (like all of Muhammad’s other nefarious characteristics) for granted without ever investigating the most fundamental question: WHY?

Although over two hundred verses in Muhammad’s Quran deal with animals and six suras (chapters) of the Quran are named after animals, animal life is not a predominant theme in the Quran as they are usually perceived in relation to humans. The majority of both Sunni and Shia Muslim jurists consider dogs to be ritually unclean, though jurists from the Sunni Maliki school disagree.

According to Sunni tradition, Muhammad didn’t like dogs and almost all practicing Muslims do not have dogs as pets. Muhammad opined (not based on any revelation mentioned in his Quran) that angels do not enter a house which contains a dog. Though dogs are not allowed as pets, they are allowed to be kept if used for work, such as guarding a house or a farm, or when used for hunting purposes.

According to several Hadiths, the racist Muhammad considered black dogs especially as very evil, or even devils in animal form. In both Sunni and Shia accounts, Muhammad is said to have conversed nonchalantly with camels, birds and other species of animals. Of course, these miraculous conversations are not mentioned in his Quran because in reality they were concocted over a period of 300 years after his death to give Muhammad the same supernatural qualities as King Solomon’s who according to Muhammad’s Quran talked to animals mentioned in Surat Al Naml 28:18. Muhammad’s hatred of dogs in general and black ones in particular, may be attributed to a nasty encounter or experience during his childhood. Otherwise it would be counter to logic why would an alleged shepherd boy has a morbid fear or dislike of dogs when they are the best animals to herd, control, and defend humans? Besides the horse, the dog is the friendliest, most loving and most loyal animal to humans.

Sahih Muslim Hadith 551        Narrated by Abdullah Ibn Mughaffal

The Messenger of Allah ordered killing of the dogs and then said: What about them, i.e. about other dogs? – but then granted concession (to keep) the dog for hunting and the dog for (the security) of the herd, and said: When the dog licks the utensil, wash it seven times, and rub it with earth the eighth time.

Sahih Muslim Hadith 1032        Narrated by AbuDharr

The Messenger of Allah said: When any one of you stands for prayer …. his prayer would be cut off by (passing of an) ass, a woman, or a black dog. I said: O AbuDharr, what feature is there in a black dog which distinguishes it from the red dog and the yellow dog? He said: O son of my brother, I asked the Messenger of Allah as you are asking me, and he said: The black dog is a devil.

*** Allegedly the greatest and most intelligent of all prophets recognized the devil in black dogs. Of course since it takes a Satan to recognize another Satan***

Sahih Muslim Hadith 3814        Narrated by Abdullah Ibn Mughaffal

Allah’s Messenger ordered the killing of dogs and then said: What is the trouble with them (the people of Medina)? How dogs are nuisance to them (the citizens of Medina)? He then permitted keeping of dogs for hunting and (the protection of) herds.

*** Muhammad, willy nilly, made decisions of great importance, changed his mind and rescinded earlier ones just as Allah was doing with his Abrogating and Abrogated verses.

Our readers should not be surprised since they should know by now that Muhammad, Gabriel, Allah and Satan are in reality one and the same character: Muhammad the ventriloquist while the others are his PUPPETS disguised as Allah, Gabriel or Satan***

Sahih Muslim Hadith 5248        Narrated by Maymunah

One morning Allah’s Messenger was silent with grief. Maymunah said: Allah’s Messenger, I find a change in your mood today. Allah’s Messenger said: Gabriel had promised me that he would meet me last night, but he did not meet me. By Allah, he never broke his promises; and Allah’s Messenger spent the day in this sad (mood).

Then it occurred to him that there had been a puppy under their cot. He gave an order and it was turned out. He then took some water in his hand and sprinkled it on the place. When it was evening Gabriel met him and he said to him: You promised me that you would meet me the previous night. He said: Yes, but we do not enter a house in which there is a dog or a picture.

So the very next morning he commanded the dogs to be killed. He announced that the dog kept for the orchards should also be killed, but he spared the dog used for the protection of extensive fields (or big gardens).

*** It is on such incredible asinine stupidities and mendacities do the followers of Muhammad hang their LOGIC and INTELLECT.

That is why the absolute majority of Muslims do not own dogs as pets and actually shrink from them ***

Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 4102   & Sunan of Abu-Dawood Hadith 2839     Narrated by Abdullah ibn Mughaffal

The Prophet said, “Were dogs not a species of creature I should command that they all be killed; but kill every pure black one.”

Sunan of Abu-Dawood Hadith 2840        Narrated byJabir ibn Abdullah

The Prophet of Allah ordered to kill dogs, and we were even killing a dog which a woman brought with her from the desert. Afterwards he forbade to kill them, saying: Confine yourselves to the type which is black.

Sunan of Abu-DawoodHadith 5084        Narrated by Jabir ibn Abdullah

The Prophet said: When you hear the barking of dogs and the braying of asses at night, seek refuge in Allah, for they see which you do not see. (That is they see the Devil).

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 1.493        Narrated by Aisha

The things which annul prayer were mentioned before me (and those were): a dog, a donkey and a woman. I said, “You have compared us (women) to donkeys and dogs. …..”

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 1.498        Narrated by Aisha

It is not good that you people have made us (women) equal to dogs and donkeys. No doubt I saw Allah’s Apostle praying while I used to lie between him and the Qibla and when he wanted to prostrate, he pushed my legs and I withdrew them.

*** It is a remarkable insight that an unlearned teenager such as Aisha was, realized to what level of degradation womanhood was reduced to by Muhammad and his male followers that his 21st century female followers have not achieved.

1400 years of human progress have not been able to dent the thick armour of total and abysmal indoctrination and stupidity of the followers of the Demonic Cult of Muhammadan Islam***

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 4.540        Narrated by Abdullah bin Umar

Allah’s Apostle ordered that dogs should be killed.

Al-Muwatta Hadith 20.90 Animals that Someone in Ihram can Kill

Yahya related to me from Malik from Abdullah ibn Dinar from Abdullah ibn Umar that the Messenger of Allah said, “There are five (kinds of) animal which it is not wrong for some one in ihram to kill: scorpions, rats and mice, crows, kites and wild dogs. ”

*** Only by studying Muhammad himself and hence his

PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE can one understand his Hatreds, Anger, Jealousy, Pomposity, Mendacity, Inhumanity, Duplicity and other unsavoury characteristics of his. They are all caused by his PATHOLOGICAL NARCISISSISM.

Muhammad hated all creatures, human or animal that exhibit Happiness, Joy, Fidelity, Love, Affection and Loyalty; these are the very attributes of DOGS. As we all know by now, Muhammad was totally lacking in all these characteristics. So do his cloned believing followers called Muslims; the joyless hatemongering, warmongering  LIVING DEAD.

That is exactly why Fundamentalist Muhammadan Muslims have no dogs as pets as well as show exactly the same depraved lack of compassion or mercy towards any and all humans who do not follow their creed.

This is why Muslims would rather DIE slaughtering unarmed and defenseless civilians, the so called Unbelieving Kuffar, for the “sake of Allah” “fi sabil^Allah” in expectation of eternal sensual and sexual pleasures in Muhammad’s whorehouse version of Paradise than enjoying LIFE on Earth***

I hope, ladies and gentlemen that you have noticed that I have quoted to you from Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Al Tirmidi, Abu Dawood and Al Muwatta Hadiths with different narrators but none the less, our Muslim adversaries will tell you that this or that Hadith is a lie, is weak or unacceptable to Sunni scholars, or to Shii ones, or to both.

As you have also found out by now from their comments, their videos and their arguments on the net that Muslims must remain in a PERMANENT state of DENIAL, otherwise they would have to throw away the shackles of their Cult belief system and apostatize.

I am sure that by now, you the readers and you alone have the knowledge and the right to determine the veracity or lack thereof in my articles.

As usual, I challenge ANY and ALL 1,500,000,000 followers of Muhammad and or their apologists to prove me WRONG!