With less than three weeks until perhaps the most consequential American presidential election since Abraham Lincoln’s 1864 reelection, Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns returns with a news-packed Episode 13, covering in detail the Biden cheerleading role that corporate mainstream media and social media appears to have assumed in the 2020 presidential election. In this episode’s second segment, Malcolm and Michael recall how the media and Democrats assured American voters that they had no reason to fear fraud or human error with mail-in voting. Yet, abundant examples of fraud and error now exist in multiple states. The latest: A fresh revelation that California sent 400,000 ballots to California voters who either have moved or are deceased. Finally, Malcolm and Michael build on their groundbreaking reporting and analysis of the Hunter Biden scandal on The Voice of a Nation last week, raising a new and vitally critical question: With tens of millions of dollars collectively received from companies controlled China’s Communist Party, a billionaire Russian oligarch, and a corrupt Ukranian energy company, and American voters unware of what the Bidens have promised these foreign sources in return, are we even certain that Biden is not now a compromised candidate incapable of standing up two of America’s most powerful global adversaries?

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The media have carried a noticeable liberal bias in their coverage for several decades. Until recently, however, they attempted to present their bias in subtle ways and always insisted that they were both neutral and objective. But those days now appear gone–and maybe forever. From debate moderation biases to an absolute failure to confront Biden with tough questions to now a conscious effort to selectively censor news they consider unhelpful to Biden, we’ve reached a point where establishment media no longer seek to inform and educate. They now have chosen sides, and the bias is abundant to anyone paying even a little attention. Nonetheless, questions remain, including whether social media’s censorship of critical Biden news now defines them as publishers, not open platforms, and whether (as a Republican National Committee complaint to the Federal Election Commission alleges), they are violating political campaign contribution laws, essentially providing in-kind contributions that corporations are prohibited under federal law from providing candidates.


Malcolm and Michael have warned since the pandemic’s onset that mail-in balloting was prone to both electoral fraud and human error and that Democrats’ embrace of it was politically-motivated and paving the ground for a potential electoral crisis on November 3. An election that should be settled by voters voting at established polling locations now runs the serious risk, especially if the race proves close, of being settled not by voters, but by federal courts, which almost certainly are going to hear a significant number of challenges to voting procedures, fraud and error allegations, and counting irregularities. Following already fairly large fraud and human error incidents in the battleground states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, California officials now acknowledge that some 400,000 ballots have been sent to homes whose residents are either deceased or have moved. They also briefly discuss Michael’s appearance in the just-released film, Battleground, directed and produced by Oscar and Emmy-award filmmaker Hemal Trivedi, which covers the behind the scenes battle for Pennsylvania’s crucial 20 electoral college votes, which are deemed vital to both presidential candidates’ prospects for obtaining the 270 electoral college votes necessary for winning the presidency.


Building on their groundbreaking coverage of the Hunter Biden scandal last week, Malcolm and Michael assess what appears to be both a mounting political and national security scandal in the Biden family’s enrichment from foreign sources, including China, Russia, and Ukraine. They discuss new emails sent to and from Hunter Biden, which have now been confirmed as authentic and reinforce mounting suspicions that the Biden scandal runs deep. Malcolm and Michael ask: Why isn’t there a public and media demand for the entire Biden family to appear publicly and fully reveal each and every foreign source of income and the terms of each of these suspicious deals? What promises have been made in exchange for these tens of millions of dollars that Biden family members solicited and received? Voters deserve full transparency and answers to these questions from the Bidens before casting their ballots–and time is running out.

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Network News, Twitter, Facebook Suppress Hunter Biden Report, Dueling Town Halls, One of them did turn into a debate! US National Security Compromised…and the Documentary Film Battleground – a look back and a look forward on the impact of 2020.

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