Mr. Trump TRUMPS his detractors because they truly are suffering from Dementia and or Trump Derangement Syndrome and the G20 is his crowning achievement.

  1. He met with Xi of China and agreed to restart talks on Tariffs and other items. China is hurting and both sides know this and Mr Trump is allowing Xi a face saving out of this confrontation.
  2. He met with Putin and told him in front of his nemesis the Fake Media “Don’t meddle in the election” making it a joke. I have repeatedly said in my US talk shows that Russia is NOT the Soviet Union and hence not an existential  threat to the USA unlike Fundamentalist Islam and Muslims.
  3. In keeping with his unpredictable streak, President Trump caught many diplomats and even his own advisers off guard by publicly inviting North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, to meet him on Sunday at the demilitarized zone dividing North and South Korea.

Hi genius was in requesting “if only a handshake” thus allowing Kim to respond positively because he was not asking for negotiations although it turned out they had unscheduled 50 minutes of private talks.

I have been observing the American media from across the Atlantic for almost three years now, it is obvious that if Mr Trump ‘Walked on Water’, they would accuse him of being unable to swim. Even the remarkable achievements he has made at G20 will be found wanting by 95% of the Fake Media. As usual, my article today is short, sharp and hopefully, deadly Politically Incorrect.

From my perspective, it is a great tragedy that most of the world ‘leaders’ in politics, media, clergy and academia have been repeatedly underestimating President Trump’s sagacity in dealing with all items concerning the USA vis a vis other countries.

Almost 95% of the Fake Media (since 2008 I have been calling them on talk shows in the USA “Enemies of the American People”) have been suffering – with millions of clueless others – from extreme cases of “Trump Derangement Syndrome”; so much so, that they attack him 95% of the time no matter what he says or does.

Actually, Mr Trump’s opponents exhibit incredible degrees of Mendacity, Hypocrisy, Duplicity and utter Stupidity when they continually and shamelessly ignore every single item of his astounding achievements in the last 30 months against all their unrelenting enmity.

First and foremost, President Trump treats the USA NOT as Political entity BUT as a Business Corporation with him being the CEO on behalf of the shareholders  “We the People”.

He looks at the economic ledger of INS and OUTS and asks why such and such is on the books when it is obvious it is not to the advantage of the USA whether economically or politically.

He is the only president in the last 100 years at least, who succeeded in fulfilling most of his promises to the American People and the world no matter how outrageous or difficult they seemed to the Politically Correct dim wits who insult him and his family almost daily.

The foremost economics laureates in the USA predicted the collapse of the US economy if Mr Trump were elected. ALL of them were WRONG.

Although in 1995, the US Congress allowed for the US Embassy in Israel to be moved from Tel Aviv to the capital Jerusalem; not a single president since did so in spite of the fact that they all promised to do so before they were elected. President Trump did so against all those who warned him of Arab and or Muslim repercussions around the globe. ALL were WRONG again.

The Europeans, Japanese, South Koreans, Arab, Muslim and many other countries have been living off American tax dollars in the hundreds of billions since 1960’s without contributing more for their own defence and every president before Mr Trump allowed this. President Trump refused to continue doing such a one sided business. He first warned them that this will not continue under his watch and they listened.

On Tariffs with Asia, Europe and the Americas, he addressed them also to rectify the blatant imbalance to the detriment of Americans. Again he was warned that his actions would result in economic catastrophes for the USA. As usual, they were ALL again WRONG.

Taking out the USA from the despicable, treasonous deal that Obama and the Europeans had with the terrorist Ayatollahs of Iran was another bone of contention and ALL the pundits advised and warned him not to. Once again the were ALL WRONG because the Ayatollahs have been declaring to the whole world since 1979 their total enmity to the USA as the “Great Satan” and had the incredible audacity to take over the USA Embassy in Tehran and the American hostage for the duration of Carter’s presidency. This was, under International Law an ACT OF WAR.

It was Carter who helped the removal of the Shah of Iran believing that Khomeini would be appreciative and more friendly to the USA thus allowing Fundamentalist Islam to start its process of terrorising, murdering and slaughtering none Muslims all over the globe so as to bring Sharia to rule all of humanity.

A nuclear Iran would be infinitely more dangerous to the whole world than it is now even without weapons of mass destruction because they are using proxies to do their dirty work for them at the moment.

Almost all the news media and his enemies have been warning that Mr Trump is a Cowboy itching for a fight with Iran. Once more, he proved them wrong when he decided to stop US retaliation 10 minutes before going ahead for downing an American drone because the collateral damage in human lives of Iranians was not justified.

By not counter attacking and truly believing as he said publicly that it might have been a mistake by a missile battery without higher authorisation, Mr Trump showed incredible sagacity and wisdom. Holding back a military retaliation is not as easy a decision as going ahead. This requires a good head and a thoughtful one.

In fact, by holding back this time, allows President Trump to go ahead with massive retaliation if the Ayatollahs attack an American asset anywhere any time. They have been publicly warned and realistically they should take heed from a President who keeps his promises.

I can go on and on starting with the remarkable number of people actually working and earning a living instead of being on Stamps especially among the African Americans and Latinos.

As a 3 – Dimensional Chess Master, President Trump has been playing the Media and ALL his detractors like a “Fiddler on the Roof” and they will continue to be brain dead even after Donald J Trump’s Landslide VICTORY in 2020! Image: Pool Photo vi AP