Well, the painful ordeal of the DNC’s virtual telethon convention for the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd is over and Joe and Kamala are now the official King and Queen of the Prom, so to speak. Joe surprised us all with his acceptance speech by exceeding all expectations that he could drone on longer than ten minutes at the lectern without once fumbling his words, mixing his metaphors or forgetting to whom who he was married. A class act indeed!

Joe certainly nailed his position of what he would do from day one if elected. Strangely, hasn’t all of his happy talk about reviving America’s disastrous economy, its low employment numbers, confronting and defeating the China Virus, already been accomplished by President Trump? Yes, and the rising numbers in all categories of America’s economic revitalization under President Trump’s leadership since the China Virus disruption, puts the lie to the Democrat’s pipe dream. But it doesn’t matter.

What we heard Joe say was for public consumption. You can bet it’s not at all what Bernie Sanders and AOC’s squad want to do. Their plan, the “New Green Scheme,” is already in the public arena and it’s ugly New World Order Marxism, pure and simple. Nothing said by Joe or any other DNC telethon speaker will change the truth of that.     

Forget that Joe’s shameless lies, exceeded only by the audaciousness of other TDS speakers like AOC and the very wealthy Michelle Obama, condemn exactly what President Obama saddled Trump with, a crime ridden, corrupt government. They are determined to eliminate the interloper to their once comfortable sinecures, Donald Trump, who has ruined their game. 

Predictably, Joe ignored our coming military and economic confrontation with China except to remind everyone, by its omission, that his son Hunter was gifted a $1.5 Billion dollar investment (bribe) by the Chinese Communist Party. Joe said he would get tough on China. How?

There is no possible way troglodyte Joe Biden can out pace Trump for toughness on China, North Korea or Iran for that matter.

How can Joe keep blowing the horn of Civil Rights violations without connecting such odious policies to China’s slave labor that supply’s our markets?

Joe said nothing about how he would conduct America’s foreign policy because he has no idea. Community organizer Barack Obama will be there to assist him by restoring the Muslim Brotherhood to equal diplomatic status with Israel, remove the US Embassy from Jerusalem back to Tel Aviv, disengage all support of Israel and fund ISIS.

Didn’t Trump just bring Israel and the UAE together for a historic agreement to embrace economic cooperation? 

Did Joe mention that Democrat run American cities are in chaos, rebellion and insurrection with rising crime rates, especially murder. Just what will Joe do? He said he will forgive all, empty the prisons, defund the police and “tear down Trump’s wall” because it’s not who we are! Yes, it is!

The BLM are simply peaceful protesters and should be considered as such. Joe clings to the propaganda that the Democrat Party has always stood for the advancement of black lives, while ignoring the real history of the Democrats since the post Civil War Reformation, that their real goal was to keep black Americans on their plantation as Democrat voters, if not aborted first.The real sea-change in American politics occurred in 2016. It temporarily saved America from totalitarianism. That path will be resumed if Democrats win the 2020 election.

Think of it this way: to change from Trump to Biden would be like fouling your drawers and then changing your shirt!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Image: Reuters