This week’s blockbuster interview reveals the lies and ideology that gave birth to and sustain BlackLivesMatter. Dr. Ron Martinelli, a retired San Jose Detective and world renowned forensic criminologist has done exhaustive research and just released his new book “THE TRUTH BEHIND THE BLACKLIVESMATTER MOVEMENT AND THE WAR ON POLICE”. Lieutenant Sutton’s interview will tell you what the mainstream media will never print or talk about.

“Dr. Martinelli digs deep into this movement and uncovers facts that otherwise would have never seen the light of day. Lt. Sutton and Dr. Martinelli are really providing a public service with the interview you're about to listen to,” Malcolm Out Loud.

“What do we want now, dead cops – put them in a pan and fry them like bacon.” Protest from the Black Lives Matter Movement.

You'll learn about the movement's founders, ideology, funding sources, surrogates, radical goals and objectives to disenfranchise law enforcement and usurp the rule of democratic law. Several infamous police death cases forensically explained and numerous false narratives of the movement are factually destroyed with explanations of the actual circumstances. This is a powerful, vetted “go to” reference source for researchers, the media, law enforcement and those interested in this radical movement. Hundreds of references listed to allow for self-investigation of the Black Lives Matter organization.
“Movements like ‘Black Lives Matter’ depend on people not being informed,” says Dr. Martinelli.

Dr. Ron Martinelli is a nationally recognized forensic criminologist specializing in police/corrections practices, who is also an adjunct professor of Forensic Science at an accredited university and holds a number of current certifications in forensics and law enforcement. A retired San Jose (CA) police officer, investigator and Criminal Justice Training Center director founded Martinelli & Associates, Inc. in 1980. Dr. Martinelli, spent over twenty years in active law enforcement and continues to devote his time to advanced education, forensics, police/corrections practices and the training of law enforcement officers in and outside of the United States.

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Also, my special feature “VIEW FROM THE BLUE” will reflect upon the honor and sacrifice of those Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty and incredible celebrations of those lives during National Police Week in Washington D.C.

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