Mothers are indeed a special breed of human beings. There is something so powerful about the love of mothers. Especially those who have learned how to juggle a career, home and kids and sometimes even church and community events and still look good at the end of the day!

Everyone has special β€œMomma” memories from childhood and even as adults. The day you and she did whatever it was that was so special to you. The day you came home sick and she made soup and read to you. What about those sports events, when you looked up and there she was?

Oh, the memories of Momma! If you are blessed to still have your Mom with you today, take time to celebrate here.Β Take time whether she is with you or gone to be with Jesus, list those things you remember that are and were so special to you. Honor her today for the life and legacy she has created in this earth through you.

To all of you wonderful Moms and Grandmothers we say…

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