This Mother Did Something Her Doctors Couldn’t... 1

It almost cost her – her marriage, but Susan Luchas fought to get her family well from a potentially deadly illness even to the point of going against her husband and against what her doctors said but in the end it worked and she got her family well. Now doctors are sending their sickest patients to her… hear her heart-warming story on this week’s podcast.

Who would think a little tick bite could have such life-altering consequences.

This mom turned health investigator tells the story of how she and her whole family ended up getting Lyme disease from their young daughter and how through researching, testing, experimentation and going against the grain of traditional medicine she finally got her family well and vibrantly so.

Susan Luchas, PhD is an MIT-trained scientist and engineer who was forced to apply her critical thinking skills to debug her own family’s health problems. She didn’t stop until her family achieved radiant health. She says one of the main ways of getting well from anything is doing the 3 D’s – Diet, Drainage, and Detox. She explains each of these and more, some of which you don’t hear much about even in alternative medicine. This is a fascinating and very informative show where you’ll learn things you never even thought about. These are things that could make a big difference in your life.

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