Islam is the ONLY Belief System on Earth that FORBIDS any questioning, investigating, comparing and contrasting of its ‘holy’ book, Muhammad’s Quran.

Al Maida 5:101 “O you who believe! Ask not about things which, if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. But if you ask about them while the Quran is being revealed, they will be made plain to you. Allah has forgiven that, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Forbearing”

We repeat once again, that the greatest threat to the exposure of the falsehood of Islam are knowledge of the Quran, Hadiths, the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and related scriptures and history.

As we have repeatedly proven – and will continue to do so – in our series of unchallengeable articles, that it is by Divine Justice that the very Hadiths that explain the Quran to the followers of Muhammad are the ones that completely and utterly discredit Muhammad as a prophet and the alleged divine origin of his Quran as we shall prove yet once more in this article with all the relevant quoted Islamic sources.

(Ahmad b. al Husain al Baihaqi, “al Sunan al Kubra”, 10 vols., Haiderabad, 1925-38/1344-57, vol. 8, p. 213)

We have a report from `Umar ibn al Khattab that he said,

‘The Messenger of Allah stoned, Abu Bakr stoned and I have stoned. I am not prepared to add to the Book of Allah [Quran] otherwise I would write it into the mushaf (book), for I fear that there will come some people who, not finding it, will not accept it.’

[that is, not finding the stoning verse in the Quran, hence not acting on it]

(K. al Mabani”, in A. Jeffery, “Two Muqaddimahs”, Cairo, 1954, p. 78)

[`Umar summoned] a group of the Muhajirs and the Ansar and inscribe[d] their testimony on the margin of the mushaf: ‘The testimony of `Umar that the Messenger of Allah stoned adulterers.’

Muhammad bin Abu Bakr Shams ul-Imam Sarakhsi reports:-

`Umar said from the pulpit, ‘… and part of what was revealed in Qur’an read, “the shaikh (married man) and the shaikha (married woman) if they commit adultery, must be stoned to death…”

(p. 78-79, Ahmad b. al Husain al Baihaqi, “al Sunan al Kubra”, 10 vols., Haiderabad, 1925-38/1344-57, vol. 8, pp. 210-11)

Ubayy asked Zirr b. Hubais, ‘How many verses do you recite in surat 33 al Ahzab?’

Zirr replied, ‘Seventy-three verses.’

Ubayy asked if that was all. ‘I have seen it,’ he said, ‘when it was the same length as Baqara [of 286 verses]. It contained the words “The shaikh and the shaikha, when they fornicate, stone them outright, as an exemplary punishment from Allah. Allah is might, wise.”‘

(p. 80, Jalal al Din al Suyuti, “al Itqan fi `ulum al Qur’an”, Halabi, Cairo, 1935/1354, pt 2, p. 25)

Ubayy said, ‘It used to equal the length of surat al Baqara and we used to recite in Ahzab/33 the stoning verse.’

Ladies and Gentlemen, this Sura/ Chapter must have been similar in length to that of al Baqara 2 of 286 verses but ended being one of 73 only.

Where are the ‘all knowing’ Allah’s missing 213 verses?

How could anyone in his/her right mind accept such degradations in the Quran and still contend that it is divine and had not been changed at all?

That its prototype is in heaven and that it has not been altered since it was revealed to Muhammad 1400 years ago?

Is the prototype in heaven also truncated, perverted and tampered with?

What answers can the followers of Muhammad conjure up to explain away these catastrophic facts?

(Jalal al Din ` al Suyuti, “al Itqan fi `ulum al Qur’an”, Halabi, Cairo, 1935/1354, pt 2, p. 25)

Al Ahzab/33 was identified as the sura originally containing the stoning verse, and, in addition to Ubayy and Abu Musa,

Aisha reports that Ahzab used to be recited, in the lifetime of the Prophet, as having 200 verses, but when `Uthman wrote out the mushafs (books), all they could find was its present length.

(p. 86, Burhan al Din al Baji, “Jawab”, MS Dar al Kutub, Taimur “majami`”, no. 207, f. 15)

Aisha explains how the wording came to be omitted from the mushaf:

“The stoning verse and another verse were revealed and recorded on a sheet (sahifa) which was placed for safe-keeping under her bedding.

When the Prophet fell ill and the household were preoccupied with nursing him, a domestic animal got in from the yard and gobbled up the sheet”

(p. 82-83, Jalal al Din al Suyuti, “al Itqan fi `ulum al Qur’an”, Halabi, Cairo, 1935/1354, pt 2, p. 25) 

‘The Messenger of Allah said “Allah has commanded me to instruct you in the reciting of the Qur’an.”

He then recited: “Did not those who rejected the Prophet among the people of the Book and the associators…”

The verse continued, “Did ibn Adam (son of Adam) possess a wadi (valley) of property”, or, “Were ibn Adam to ask for a wadi of property and he received it, he would ask for a second, and if he received that, he would demand a third wadi. Only dust will fill the mouth of ibn Adam, but Allah relents to him who repents. The very faith in Allah’s eyes is the Hanifiya, not Judaism nor Christianity. Whoso does good, it will never be denied him.”

Ibn `Abbas said, ‘Had ibn Adam possess two wadis of pelf, he would have desired a third. Only dust will fill the mouth of ibn Adam, but Allah relents to him who repents.’ `Umar asked, ‘What is this?‘ ibn `Abbas replied that Ubayy had instructed him to recite this. `Umar took ibn `Abbas to confront Ubayy. `Umar said, ‘We don’t say that.’ Ubayy insisted that the Prophet instructed him. `Umar asked him, ‘Shall I write it into the mushaf (Quran), in that case?’

Notice that Muhammad recited TWO different versions of allegedly the same revelation to two different script writers. These also are missing in the current Quran.

(p. 83, Burhan al Din al Baji, “Jawab”, MS Dar al Kutub, Taimur “majami`”, no. 207, f. 18)

Buraid claims to have heard the Prophet recite ibn Adam at prayer. The aya was in surat Yusuf/12.

(p. 83, Burhan Baji, “Jawab”, MS Dar al Kutub, Taimur “majami`”, no. 207, f. 17)

Ubayy said, ‘Yes.’ This was before the copying of the `Uthman mushafs on the basis of which the practice now rests”

Zuhri reports, “We have heard that many Qur’an passages were revealed but that those who had memorized them fell in the battle of Yamama fighting. Those passages had not been written down, and following the deaths of those who knew them, were no longer known; nor had Abu Bakr, nor `Umar nor `Uthman as yet collected the texts of the Qur’an”

Those lost passages were not to be found with anyone after the deaths of those who had memorized them.

This was one of the paramount considerations which impelled the followers of Muhammad to collect the Quran during the reign of Abu Bakr, committing it to sheets for fear that there should perish in further theatres of war men who bore much of the Quran which they would take to the grave with them on their fall, and which, with their passing, would not be found with any other.

(pp. 48-49, Jalal al Din al Suyuti, “al Itqan fi `ulum al Qur’an”, Halabi, Cairo, 1935/1354, pt 2, p. 26)

Anas is reported in the two Sahih’s (Bukhari and Muslim) as declaring:

‘There was revealed concerning those slain at Bi’r Ma`una a Qur’an verse which we recited until it was withdrawn:

“Inform our tribe on our behalf that we have met with our Lord. He has been well pleased with us and has satisfied our desires.”‘

No doubt this verse was removed from the Quran because it alleged that those who died met with Allah which is contrary to the Muhammadan doctrine that NO HUMAN can meet face to face with Allah.

(Abu Bakr `Abdullah b. abi Da’ud, “K. al Masahif”, ed. A. Jeffery, Cairo, 1936/1355, p. 36)

The extreme Sh`ia, the Rafidis, alleged that the impious Sunni rulers of Islam had expunged from the mushaf (Quran) some 500 verses including those which most unambiguously marked out `Ali as the appointed successor to the Prophet…. The rebels against `Uthman, justifying their revolt, enumerated amongst their grievances their resentment at his ‘having expunged the mushafs.’

All the above examples are only a small sample or a ripple in a TSUNAMI of such abrogation, missing verses, missing Suras, added verses and interloped verses that can never be attributed to any Omniscient Divinity.

Contrary to all the allegations and dogma of the followers of Muhammad, the Quran that we have today is NOT the same that was allegedly ‘revealed’ to Muhammad but has not only been repeatedly and deliberately tampered with to fulfil sectarian agendas but also verses that were memorized by numerous followers of Muhammad perished as they died with their memories in battle or eaten by an animal.

What is extremely relevant to point out is, that the Hadiths / Traditions, were written by Muhammad’s contemporaries and companions, in Arabic, and are the ones that are making these assertions and not some outsiders or enemies to the faith of Muhammadan Islam.

As we mentioned on numerous occasions before, that it is indisputably by Divine Justice, that the Hadiths, without the need for outside help or interference, single handily, DISCREDIT Muhammad as a prophet and the alleged divine origin and veracity of his Quran.

Once again we have to assert that every letter, word, verse/aya and chapter/ sura in the Quran were never revealed to Muhammad by any god called Allah or angel called Jibril/ Gabriel because all the contents of the Quran are the product of Muhammad’s imagination, the secretions of his warped mind actually representing his Alter Ego, but very cleverly projected into the unsuspecting mouths of Allah and Gabriel to give them the aura of Sanctity and Divinity.

In an absolute nutshell: Muhammad and Allah are one and the same character hence Islam is not a Religion but a depraved Cult belief system; the Cult of Muhammad.

As always, we challenge the Muslims and or their supporters to prove any of our assertions and conclusions Wrong, False or Untrue.

Iraqi exile, Arabic speaker, scholar and author. Eager to debate any Imam or Infidel and ready to answer any question. Asserts that The Koran is not a Holy Book; it is a roadmap to total war with western civilization. I.Q. al Rassooli is among the foremost authorities in the world on the subjects of Islam. Author of Lifting the Veil - his monumental trilogy of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam" should be a must read for those who really want to know the facts.