Drag Queen Story Hour is one the most perverse programs for grooming our children, ever devised. Why are these men dressed in women’s clothing, wanting greater access to children? 

“Miss Kitty Litter”, may soon be coming to your local public library, as HE did in Austin Texas. No, this is not a nightmare you can just awaken from, and go, “thank God that was only a dream”. In Austin Texas, a library hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour for kids featuring a reader who has a criminal record. This is how unhinged the Left has become. Who in their right mind would allow such a thing? Liberals, that’s who.

The screwballs on the Left would tell us, it’s teaching your children to be more diverse and accepting. The Leftie whackos in Texas, bill this as just an innocuous activity. These predators calculate that the public senses something is not quite right. So, they manipulate perceptions and create confusion about what they are really doing. The purpose is to breakdown boundaries in children’s minds and help them see this as normal through gender-bending messages.

David Lee Richardson, who has gone by the drag name “Miss Kitty Litter”, has been participating in Drag Queen Story Hour events for the Austin Public Library System over the past year. He also has a criminal record for prostitution. It was also discovered on Richardson’s social media, he had lewd messages and photos, referenced prostitution, and items describing sexual violence like sado-masochism.

Pathetically, this is one of many library’s inviting Drag Queen Story Hour readers, with a criminal history, to read and interact with young children. At a Houston Texas library last year, two men dressed as drag queens, were invited to read to children. Apparently, it didn’t seem to matter that they both had been charged with sexually assaulting a child. Thankfully, there are groups such as Mass Resistance, who have been at the forefront of exposing other sex offenders hiding behind drag queen names elsewhere in the state of Texas.

Get out your barf bags folks, it gets worse. This revolting and disgusting behavior is being allowed in states all across the country. Not surprising that this demented behavior started in San Francisco in 2015, the country’s bastion for immorality. Since then, drag queens have read at libraries, bookstores, restaurants, parks, community centers, churches, hotels, yoga studios, and even museums.

In four short years, Drag Queen Story Hour has grown into its own nonprofit, with 35 chapters in U.S. cities and towns from coast to coast. Even more frightening, is this has grown so popular that chapters have been formed in Sweden, Japan, Germany, Australia, and Puerto Rico.

In upstate South Carolina, Rylee Hunty helped organize an event at the Five Forks Library in Simpsonville. In patent leather stilettos and sparkling diamond eyelashes, he closely held the attention of dozens of 8 and 9-year old’s sitting in front of him. He took them through a book titled, “My Wish for You”, a children’s book about embracing curiosity, strength, and vulnerability. When the story ended, Hunty was replaced by Cheetah Kane Morgan, who read next. The fun and games were part of a reading program, who Hunty, a drag queen for the last six years, helped to organize. According to Hunty, finding other drag queens in the upstate area to volunteer was easy. He believes that teaching diversity and inclusivity is important at any age – but especially in areas such as Greenville, where the LGBTQ community is not visible.

Studies show that LGBTQ youth have a higher risk of developing emotional, health, and social problems as a result of prejudice within their own families, communities, and religious institutions. Well, why wouldn’t they? It’s not normal!

In January, Taylor Cox, a member of the Greenville Tea Party, circulated an online petition to try to stop the Simpsonville event. A couple hundred protesters showed up outside the library, but were outnumbered by a slightly larger group of counter protesters. Earlier this year, federal lawsuits attempting to prevent Drag Queen Story Hour events in Louisiana and Texas were dismissed. Days after the Simpsonville event, S.C. Rep Garry Smith introduced a bill to withhold state funding from public libraries allowing activities deemed not “age-appropriate,” citing the story hours. The proposal was tabled and effectively killed. The God hating people on the Left, view these programs as a vital part of making the world a safe and affirming place for all children. They feel that all children should learn to embrace gender diversity and learn empathy.

There are now reports that parents are now beginning to leave the gender off their new-born birth certificate, so the child may choose later which gender they feel they identify with. If you oppose any of this, you are criticized for being a bigot.

Too often in today’s society, it feels like we’re living in the Twilight Zone, where the new normal has become the abnormal. Call your city mayors, and tell them if they approve this kind of event, they’ve lost your vote. Then pray for a trip back to the fifties.