The Miracle in Memphis Will Leave You Breathless! 1

“The Miracle in Memphis” – It’s been about a year since 28 year veteran Memphis K9 Officer Richard Morrow experienced a life changing event. Now for the first time, in this exclusive interview, Richard tells Show Host Lt. Randy Sutton what happened when he was trying to free a man trapped in a burning vehicle.

Bible survives fiery car crash

Despite ABC, NBC, CNN and other news sources attempts to get Officer Morrow to speak about this incredible event, he chose to reveal this story right here on Blue Lives Radio, The Voice Of American Law Enforcement. The miracle that took place as the flames surrounded him will leave you breathless. The only thing to survive was Richard Morrow and a Bible that was discovered in the car ruins.

Don’t miss this incredible story of divine intervention!

Also in his “View From The Blue” Randy blasts the politicians and police “leaders” of Charlottesville Virginia for their handling of the violent clashes that took place this week.