When Mindful Is Simpler Than A Full Mind

Too many times, I have absorbed the intensity around me. I have allowed myself to be consumed by the state of my circumstances or those of others. I’ve wrapped Me up into a tight ball of anxious, almost frantic to feel relief. I’m asking the same damn spiraling questions of why and how over and over, and somehow expecting a different answer to manifest.
It’s so exhausting. It has brought damage to whom I believe I am. I realized almost too late for some, that I was hurting those around me, and way past too late for others. I almost stopped caring, but I caught Me.
An awakening brought on a gentle wave of calm. I am the one in control of How I see what I face. I am able to slow and pause my racing World. My perception isn’t the only reality. I can reach out and touch new possibilities. I am confidently able to choose a different outcome than what seemed so foundationally overwhelming just moments ago…
Sometimes, simplicity isn’t as complex as we make it out to be. Reaching out, Is embracing in.

Photo location Gap Of Dunloe, Ireland
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