We face an America where some of the population can’t get enough of a massive progressive federal government and the other half is scared half to death over its size and rightfully so. But, if you think this is the end of this extra civilian federal military force, we have not seen the other part of Deep State yet. This is part 1 of the arming of “Deep State”, and our review logically should begin first with Homeland Security.

The Department of Homeland Security was formed on November 25th 2002 after the horrendous attacks on September 11, 2001. September 11th was a day Americans will never forget, we were shocked and saddened by 3 cowardly devastating attacks of the twin towers of New York and the Pentagon by 3 airliners.

Today however Homeland Security has 240,000 employees coming in as the third largest Cabinet position under the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration. The number of personnel is massive and many other departments were folded into the department’s mission as part of their mission.

Homeland Security’s mission statement reads:

The vision of homeland security is to ensure a homeland that is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other hazards.

Hundreds of thousands of people from across the federal government, state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, the private sector, and other nongovernmental organizations are responsible for executing these missions.

The tentacles of each department are far reaching and deep. Here is the top hierarchy of Homeland Security.

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The looming question today is why do we need a force of this size to combat domestic terrorism and other hazards? One may think that America is loaded up with violent terrorism all over the United States, but each state has its own police force and its own military. I can only surmise that our progressive federal government used an excuse to fire up another military force after September 11th 2001. What is meant for response to terrorism can also be used for other types of combat within our borders that the mission statement so implies – “other hazards” besides terrorism and viola another military force, but with civilian personnel! This is a big government progressive’s dream come true!

Factoid: Since 2004, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) purchased 1.7 billion Bullets including 453 million hollow-point bullets. As of 1/1/2014, DHS estimated its bullet inventory-reserve at 22-months, or 160 million rounds. (Data is current through 2014, source – Openthebooks.com)

It’s time to pause for a moment and define what a government progressive is, it will help you understand why our federal government is the way it is today: In short they are individuals that pride themselves as intellectuals that believe they are the brightest and smartest people and should think for the many, and to direct the many to do things their way because they know what is best and good for you, in other words they are “control freaks”; sound familiar? This philosophy goes back as early as the 1700’s progressing with a big push under President Woodrow Wilson, Wilson, who did not believe in our fixed U.S. Constitution or individualism that only intellectuals should decide for you. Looks like tyranny, smells like tyranny, it must be Tyranny!

SEE: Militarization of Deep State: Part 2 Administrative Federal Agencies

Phil Davis served in the USAF from 1973-1993 and most of it was working in Command and Control at Strategic Air Command (SAC) and United States Air Forces Europe USAFE, while his two best assignments was working at HQ 8AF Command Center from 1984-1989 at Barksdale AFB, with a one year assignment serving with the 485 Tactical Missile Wing, Ground Launch Cruise Missiles in Belgium during 1986-1987. Phil has been writing on political issues since 1993, including a run with the Examiner prior to 2013. It was just after that when he started his own blog where he has written on various subjects about a myriad of topics related to our country's political environment and the rediscovery of American Patriotism.

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