The ‘election’ of Joe Biden to the Presidency in 2020 will go down as one of the most bizarre election seasons in American history. And the worst is yet to come. The entire campaign was loaded with crazy, including: 

>  a Democrat Iowa Caucus that couldn’t declare a winner for months; 

>  a Democrat field that reached 27 candidates, before it was finally whittled down to a handful and then to an improbable one – Joe Biden; 

>  an election that was so full of fraud that there were more than 2,800 incident reports about it, and hundreds of people came forward to swear under oath about the fraud they had witnessed; 

>  a whole army of judges and justices who refused even to hear the evidence that hundreds of witnesses had attested to; 

members of Congress who wanted to expel any member who had exercised his or her Constitutional right to challenge the electoral college vote;

>  a unified left-wing press and social media that refused to publish any stories that were, in their eyes, unfavorable to their candidate, Joe Biden.

So the American people who only follow the mainstream media never heard the reports about the Biden family’s alleged criminal activities, or about Hunter Biden’s crimes, or about Joe Biden’s admitted use of his office as Vice President to enrich his family. 

How could any of this be construed as good for America? As I said, it was a very bizarre year. 

And so, here we are. Joe Biden is President, and already he has begun to implement the plans that we had all feared. In a record-breaking orgy of Executive Order signings, he killed the 1776 Project, which simply supported America’s recorded history of its founding. He decreed that transgender girls (i.e., biological boys who prefer to be known as girls) can compete in girls’ sports competitions. And that was just the beginning.

In the middle of a deadly pandemic where millions of people have lost their jobs, he began killing the jobs for thousands more. On his first day in office, Biden wrote an Executive Order that canceled the Keystone Pipeline XL. With the stroke of his pen, Joe Biden began the process of canceling the jobs of more than 1,000 current union workers and at least 10,000 more jobs that were slated for 2021. 

The consequences of this action go even further than just denying job opportunities to thousands of hardworking Americans. His single action threatened the economies of several states – including Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska. It also drove a wedge between the US and Canada, which stands to lose a great deal because that pipeline was supposed to carry as much as 830,000 barrels per day of crude oil from Canada to refineries in the Gulf Coast of Texas. And it made the U.S. once again dependent on foreign countries for oil and gas – countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. 

Having begun to derail America as an energy independent country, the Biden administration is already talking about raising taxes on gasoline, taxes that will have to be absorbed by the American people who depend on their cars to take them to whatever jobs are left for them. 

In the name of climate change, Joe Biden, as promised, has begun the destruction of our energy industry that will eliminate jobs for millions of people. And at the same time, he is also preparing to raise our taxes. 

Now we are waiting for the other shoe to drop as the Biden Administration continues to destroy millions of jobs and pushes millions of hard-working Americans into poverty . . . in the middle of a devastating pandemic! And all in the name of climate change.

And on the same day, Biden signed executive orders that encourage the flood of thousands of illegal immigrants now approaching our southern border and protect illegal immigrants who are already here. With that, he threatened Americans’ health and safety because of the lack of sufficient legal and health safeguards at the border, and he put many of the few jobs that are still available for American workers at risk. He also signed an order that requires non-citizens to be included in the Census and apportionment of congressional representatives, further shifting the balance of voting power away from U.S. citizens. And he halted the construction of the border wall by terminating the national emergency declaration used by President Trump to fund it.   

Is any of this good for America? Hardly!

And yet, despite all his efforts to undercut and eliminate everything that Trump had done to ’Make America Great Again,’ Biden continues to call for national unity. “The integrity of our elections remains intact,” He said after the election. “Now it is time to turn the page, to unite, to heal.”

But on his first day in office, he unleashed some of the most despotic and divisive actions imaginable, turning his back on unions, small business owners, and the American people at large. And he has promised to put a whole range of new taxes on the backs of the American people by canceling the Trump tax breaks and by adding new taxes to our existing tax burden.

Biden is creating an environment in which Americans will be under more stress than ever, and therefore more likely to turn against each other at an even faster rate than ever before. Unity is not a part of this picture.

The destruction of jobs in the middle of a job-killing pandemic is not only heartless; it is short-sighted. It hurts America at her most vulnerable and generates anger, while mid-term elections are only two years away. Democrats may be assuring themselves that the election fraud that they perpetrated in 2020 is the new normal and that their jobs are secure. And they may be right. Because if the Republicans don’t marshal their resources and counter the fraud upfront with seriousness and determination, the 2022 elections may already be lost.

In the meantime, the January 21st avalanche of Executive Orders is likely to be only the first salvo in what may be a long series of acts of malice against the American people. Mighty Joe, the Job Killer, has only just begun his rampage against us. Stay tuned. It’s just going to get much worse.

Image: AP