On this weeks episode of Police Radio, show host Lt Randy Sutton reveals that he has been asked by the Donald J Trump Presidential Campaign for suggestions on Policing in America and makes public his advise. Unlike the current President or Hillary Clinton, President Elect Trump has a history of respecting and acknowledging the brave men and women who serve behind the badge. By his campaign reaching out to Lt Sutton, the National Spokesman for Blue Lives Matter for suggestions how to assist law enforcement during his Presidency, Mr Trump shows his commitment to those who serve.

Also during this episode, Autism is a condition that is often misunderstood and has led to confrontations with Law Enforcement because of that misunderstanding. Host Randy Sutton has a conversation with a young man who has suffered with Autism and reached out to Randy to tell his touching story about the Police Officer who became his “Big Brother” during his childhood and how that relationship and the murder of that Officer affected him for the rest of his life. Don't miss this weeks episode of Police Radio, The Voice Of American Law Enforcement.