It’s one of the wealthiest districts in the United States on the “Gold Coast” of Southeast Florida. The district, which includes the president’s Florida home at Mar-a-Lago, has been dominated by democrats in previous elections. One man would like to change that as he brings his form of change to⏤what is being billed as a ‘contentious election season’.

Michael Bluemling Jr. is running for Congress in FL-21, on the republican ticket. Michael is a decorated and highly distinguished disabled army combat veteran, who survived some difficult life circumstances of being abused as a child by his own father. Oddly, after successful career changes, he found himself homeless. He has miraculously overcome these life events to author three books and has become a well-regarded legitimate candidate for Congress. An awe inspiring story that needs to be shared with millions…


While the local races for Congress are heating up, the conversation feeds into the national picture of socialism vs. capitalism. Illegal drugs, gangs and human trafficking are out of control. Immigration is a debacle, and sanctuary cities and states are going to dominate the landscape. There have been frontal attacks on the presidency, nearly no legislative activity, attacks on free speech, religious freedom and our right to bear arms. This 2020 election cycle will be like no other!  LINK TO HIS BOOKS HERE.

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