With fall just around the corner, many parents and children have mixed emotions about school starting again. Although it will be nice to no longer have to plan 12-hour stretches of entertainment the anxiety-prone, parent is dreading the return of schedules and stress.

In this show I am excited to have back my colleague and partner, Barb Roba, a mental health counselor, school counselor and certifies coach to help me help you transition easier this school year.  We give you step by step information on how to identify and deal with your own anxieties and your child’s anxieties. We talk about communicating and connecting with school personnel and how to help your child return back and fit in with ease.

The great thing about having Barb is she works with the young kids 3-12 years and I work with 13-110 years old, yes Kids. We are after all…kids at heart. Share the show and give us feedback on drstem14@americaoutloud.com
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Barb Roba is a Mental Health Counselor, School Counselor, and a Certified Coach with over a decade of direct experience working with children and families, consulting with teachers, helping families, and promoting positive parenting and educational initiatives. More importantly, she is a mom. Although far from perfect, Barb says, her two boys have taught her a lot over the years about what it truly means to be a mom.

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