Recognizing signs of depression in yourself and others can be tricky. Everyone has off days, or times when they become overwhelmed with life, but most people bounce back in short order. Those days when you or your friends feel down or less excited about getting out of bed should not be cause for alarm. However, when days become weeks and simply getting out of bed becomes a struggle, this is cause for concern.

According to mental health research conducted by The National Alliance on Mental illness (NAMI):

One in four students have a diagnosable illness
40% do not seek help
80% feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities
50% have become so anxious that they struggled in school

While a variety of other mental health concerns are both relevant and common among students today, this show talks about common depressive symptoms and stress in the first year in college, as well as alcohol as and illicit drug use for soothing symptoms of depression and stress. This Show is by no means a substitute for treatment. Instead, it aims to help you find resources helpful for leading to a happier and healthier college career. My whole goal is to help identify the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues for college students especially in the first year— and where and when to seek help. Left untreated, these issues can become debilitating and even life-threatening.

If you feel that you or your college student child may be experiencing these issues or find yourself concerned for a friend or peer, it is important to take action now, treatment may be necessary, contact a medical professional immediately.

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