Men are not women. It’s amazing that such a basic, fundamental, obvious fact—something that was unquestioned for all of human existence until very recently—must be stated. But in a world that is increasingly hostile to truth, people need to speak up. So I will say it again: men are not women.

This used to be uncontroversial. It used to be like saying, “The sky is blue” or “water is wet.” But now, stating such an obvious truth will make some people very angry—angry enough to literally assault you.

The truth is triggering to the far Left, so all who stand for truth must be silenced and smeared as a hateful bigot. The mere utterance of basic biological realities is a form of violence against the LGBTQ+ community, the Left says. We cannot speak the truth lest we hurt someone’s feelings.

Indeed, according to the far Left, a man who identifies as a woman is a woman. And if you don’t play pretend with the rest of the herd, you are a bad person.

I, for one, will not be silenced. I refuse to play along. Unlike the Left, who literally assault people who dare disagree with them, I do not advocate violence. Speaking truth is not violence, and to conflate speech with violence is simply an attempt to censor those who speak the truth.

So I will say it again: men are not women.

No, I am not a hateful bigot for saying this. The opposite is true: Leftists are hateful bigots for not saying it. Let me explain.

Unlike the Left, who care about the LGBTQ+ community only insofar as they can exploit them for political purposes, I truly feel bad for everyone who struggles with their gender identity. I have wept and poured out my heart in prayer for these people, begging God to deliver and heal them.

This is because I understand that delusions are not something to be affirmed and celebrated. Even the Left acknowledges (for now) that we don’t encourage an anorexic woman to starve herself because she has delusions of being overweight. We encourage her to seek help, right?

True love tells the truth. I’m not suggesting that we don’t care about people’s feelings, but sometimes, true love requires hurting a person’s feelings so that they can see the truth. Would a doctor refuse to tell his patient that they have cancer out of fear of upsetting them?

Those who struggle with their gender identity need help, but the Left abandons them to their delusions. Since love seeks the highest good for another, the Left’s approach to transgender individuals is, by definition, hateful.

By pushing radical, anti-science gender theory, Leftists are destroying lives by encouraging things like “sex reassignment surgery” (a misnomer, since it’s literally impossible to change your sex) as a solution for people who deal with these struggles. Sex reassignment surgery doesn’t fix the issue, but actually makes things worse. As usual, rather than helping, the Left’s “solutions” cause immense harm.

Just like with any mental illness or delusional thinking (anorexia, schizophrenia, etc.), the loving thing to do is to affirm reality—in this case, people’s actual gender identity, which is grounded in biology—encourage them to get counseling to overcome these struggles, pray for/with them, and point them to God, who is able to redeem us and heal our deepest brokenness.

So I will say it again: men are not women. The sooner we all get back to affirming this basic, fundamental truth, the sooner that we can actually help those who are hurting.