There are incredible challenges that families and businesses are faced with as they try and maneuver the Covid-19 Pandemic, but amongst those challenges, the greatest is the misinformation and suppression in the media. Today, you’ll hear directly from Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet in the opening monologue, who will set the record straight with important updates on the Coronavirus. So many of our freedoms are being jeopardized. Governors and mayors working overtime to micromanage every aspect of our lives. We will address many of your concerns today on The Voice of a Nation. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. is an independent physician specializing in Preventive and Climacteric Medicine. 

  • Freedom to travel and move freely around our communities and country.
  • Freedom of worship – churches closed, while anarchists gather in groups of thousands to wreak mayhem on our communities.
  • Freedom of speech: at work, on line, in schools, in print and broadcast media. The media propaganda and censorship are worse than I witnessed during the Cold War.
  • Freedom to assemble peacefully for normal activities: exceptions of course granted for the thousands gathering for riots, looting, burning our cities, businesses, historical monuments, and terrorizing peaceful citizens.
  • Freedom to work normally.
  • Freedom to play and recreate.
  • Freedom to breathe freely without a mandated facial covering or mask when we leave our homes.

The Freedom to preserve our life with medical doctors and treatments of our choosing, such as hydroxychloroquine that has become a demonized and highly restricted medicine, previously widely available, cheap, safely used worldwide since FDA-aproved for safety and effectiveness in 1955. For 65 years, doctors in every country have been using this medicine for many different diseases, including viral ones

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