The election fraud recently perpetrated against the legal voters who chose President Trump was destined to happen. Think about it.

For seventy years, actually more, our republic turned mobocracy has been drifting towards greater statism and fewer liberties for law-abiding sovereign citizens. High moral standards, the family, authentic education, and patriotism combined was the glue that held our nation together. Before the Pilgrims’ landing, there were those of the masonic order seeking to undermine the mission to establish liberty for all. The liberty killers were there when the Founding Fathers wrote and signed the constitution. They established a beachhead for tyranny in our nation via the formation of the democrat party of slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, the racism of low expectations, the ruination of our once alabaster cities. The democrats and their foreign partners have sought to undermine our republic by any means possible.  

We the People were warned by the Founding Fathers, for the United States of America to remain a free, prosperous nation; it must maintain a society of good moral character. With good moral character comes the desire to seek and benefit from the wisdom, which leads to a plethora of wise decisions. 

Besides, a society of sovereign individuals who seek higher moral standards is infinitely more likely to learn from and overcome mistakes and enemies who seek to undermine their good way of life.

What happened during the greatest voting scandal in American history can be traced to the deep roots of indecision, accepting political and moral compromises along with the breakdown of the traditional family.  

Our nation has been so compromised that days leading up to the scheduled time of the January 20th presidential inauguration, the bigoted Mayor Bowser and her Black Lives Matter friends locked the nation’s capital down. BLM thugs have questioned visitors walking around the city to find out if they are President Trump supporters. Airbnb owners, hotel operators, restaurant owners, and managers have been bullied into not serving anyone they found out to be Trump’s patriotic supporters. 

Such madness would be unimaginable if our national moral compass were not broken decades ago. The recent backstabbing by Mitch McConnell and other Republicans who helped the Democrats impeach President Trump for a second time indicates what happens when individuals forfeit their moral code and promise to uphold and defend the United States Constitution.  

McConnell and others are so compromised due to their unsavory agreements with China, making them Chinese concubines, literally. Thanks or no thanks to compromising deals with China, hundreds of American farmland are under Chinese ownership. And then, there is Joe Biden, a hero to all who love and adore the fallen state of our compromised nation. Unfortunately, those preferring Joe Biden and the rest of that ilk are themselves as big or great an enemy of the United States as any foreign invader, compliments of the government indoctrination school system. 

I would be remiss if I did not include the false teachings coming from most Christian ministers every Sunday and Wednesday night. For almost sixty years, ministers have fooled the believers into thinking that we are not supposed to be involved in politics or even in the cause of liberty. Oh, those foolish Galatians.  

Even some ministers foolishly support and endorse the dangerous compromise promoted by the Pope, which entails uniting Christianity with Islam in a globalist configuration called Chrislam. 

Many ministers promote socialist tendencies and tactics. Black ministers in places like Detroit only support politicians who fight more to preserve Planned Parenthood than the Ten Commandments. Such buffoonery only leads to more of the same, and down the primrose lane of destruction that could permanently extinguish the flame of liberty so many gave the ultimate sacrifice for.   

What a huge difference from the Black Robe Regiment of minister heroes. They inspired Founding fathers like George Washington, Samuel Adams, and others to stand and openly fight against King George’s brutish bootheel. They understood the worthy battle against the evil that needed to be waged and were not willing to compromise for any temporary comfort or position.

The question is, where do we go from here? 

The answer is to turn away from anything and anyone that compromises our nation, our morals, our relationship with our Holy Creator, and one another. That is for starters. We must fight against the global digital currency that is being brought forth to crash our dollar and create a global reset. We must get our own moral house in order now. It is getting late in the game. 

May God forgive our foolish ways, hear our prayers and heal our land. 

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God bless you, God bless America, and may America bless God.