There May Be An Answer For Rebellious Children

Do you have a strong willed child? One who dislikes authority? Does your child seem like an old soul, in other words, he seems wise beyond his years? Does your child act like he is a member of the royal family? Does your child bore easily and have ADD or ADHD? Does he or she have trouble sleeping either going to sleep or staying asleep? Is your child sensitive to clothes, sounds, or light?

If you have a child like this then you MAY have an Indigo child. That is what we are going to be discussing with a lady that has had a lot of experience and gained a lot of knowledge over the years in dealing with Indigos – she has three of them herself!

Leslee Beckvonpeccozz is an emotional intuitive, energy teacher, mother of three Indigos, photographer, animal lover, and artist. Her greatest passions are raising her three indigo children and learning from them every day, and her intuitive life coaching work. She pulls together her knowledge, intuitive skills, and understanding of energies and patterns, and uses all in her own unique approach to her life coaching work. She can be reached at

There are many people including teachers, parents, and others that have been noticing that certain children seem different – so many that there have been around 1 million books sold on Indigo children in 24 different languages in the last few years.

These children are usually very gifted and some say they are being born at this time in history to help us work out and fix the problems we have created for ourselves. But they are different and can’t be parented the ‘old fashioned’ way. It takes a different approach to raising these children successfully.

These children have come with a purpose and it is up to us to guide and nurture them into the people they are meant to be so they can help heal us as a society and the earth from the damage that has been inflicted on it.

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