There has been a massive foreign disinformation and propaganda campaign executed that is disseminating rumors and false stories of martial law and a nationwide quarantine. Foreign actors are spreading false information and rumors of martial law. The information is totally false.

U.S. Intelligence analysis indicates that foreign actors (agents) are launching and planting the rumors to create panic and chaos throughout the country. While the countries involved could not be revealed – nevertheless, those suspect are China, Russia and Iran.

The unsubstantiated reports of the U.S. imposing Martial Law and or a nationwide quarantine are unfounded. Rumors about National Guard (NG) also said there are no plans to introduce martial law and that National Guard troops are not being called up at the federal level to impose a quarantine or any other restrictions.

It is important to understand the role of the NG which act at each state’s level and serve under the respective state’s Governor. In this capacity the state NG Bureau’s work for the respective states Governors. Those units can provide a wide array of support from medial services, rescue operations, food supply and services, air operations, communications, mechanics, civil engineering, and law enforcement (to support state, county and local police and sheriffs’ offices) to name but few. If federalized, the NG work directly for the Commander-in-Chief through Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. There law enforcement role if removed and can only serve in a security capacity such as border security. 

General Joseph Lengyel, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, on Friday said the rumors of martial law and a nationwide quarantine is false. General Lengyel noted that he has heard unfounded rumors about National Guard troops supporting a nationwide quarantine. To which he stated, “Let me be clear: There has been no such discussion.”  

As previously pointed out, according to U.S. Intelligence reporting, there is however massive multi-nation propaganda effort underway that appears to be orchestrated by a number of foreign adversaries that are pushing out disinformation in the form of fake text messages and other social media commentary. The disinformation efforts consist of planting fake posts (on Twitter, FB, and others) with discussion and warnings of martial law and shelter in place quarantines that would be imposed by the Federal Government. 

Select disinformation pieces are being fed to likely easily influenced bloggers, tweeters, and FB activists who maintain massive followers for subsequent and further dissemination to the general public of the false information. In turn, people are sharing videos and commentary of NG military forces prepping and readying vehicles, movements on highways, and increased activities once in place in cities and states. Rumors were rampant today, both in news reporting and across the social media and internet websites. As a result, there is significant and wide-spread panic being orchestrated and generated.

Top Pentagon officials said there are no plans to introduce nationwide martial law and that National Guard troops are not being called up at the federal level to impose a nationwide quarantine.

According to the Pentagon, the rumors were planted by foreign actors’ intent on cultivating panic among Americans, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, and his Vice Chairman, General John Hyten, said Friday. General Hyten serves on the Coronavirus Task Force headed by Vice President Mike Pence.

As noted, the extent of the foreign disinformation and propaganda campaign effort here are not only text messages, but also social media posts warning of martial law. People are sharing videos of military vehicles in the streets. 

The White House through strategic communications efforts has since begun a counter campaign effort to ease the fears of Americans. Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin warned of the foreign actors earlier Friday evening on social media. She reported, “don’t fall prey to rumors, indicating that both U.S. defense and White House officials warned.”

It is important to understand how such information is easily placed into blogs, news reports, on websites and through social media. People must realize that there is numerous unsubstantiated information that is out there and intended for misinformed, those not familiar with safety and security efforts underway, and a wide array of easily duped conspiracy theorist who want to act like they have the facts or are in the know. Foreign bad actors and agents key on such individuals as their targets because most are unsuspecting. There motive and goal are to try to sow discord in the U.S. by planting online rumors, such as “the federal government is going to impose martial law,” and National Guard will be called-up to enforce it or the Federal government is imposing mandatory mass quarantines or sheltering in place. It is important to beware of this online trolling, don’t fall prey to rumors.

Finally, understand that there is also the political angle imposed by the foreign actor’s efforts. Such disinformation and propaganda is also designed to be integrated with and to in fact even support ongoing anti-political criticism from internal political entities and opponents, the Democrat Party, and the DNC of the President’s decisions and policies and administration’s actions to fight the pandemic and to provide safety and security to the nations.

It’s hard to imagine that there would be such a concerted effort to undermine the public’s faith in the federal government’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, but sadly, this is how things are now.

Politically, the election is eight months away, and past attempts to doom President Trump’s presidency have failed. Without a doubt, Democrats’ allies in the media see the Coronavirus pandemic as their newest chance to ensure his defeat in November.

The liberal media digs up various “experts” to trash him. Democrats, including presidential candidates, repeat lies about the Trump administration’s response, and you can’t go anywhere on social media without seeing liberal minions regurgitating disinformation or just by default trashing anything the administration does. Meanwhile, the foreign actors step in with their disinformation to further launch and plant the rumors to create panic, discontent, and chaos throughout the country.

But, the truth of the Trump administration’s response is far different from the picture they’re trying to paint. When the World Health Organization was first alerted to the virus, Democrats were in the middle of their impeachment witch hunt, but Trump was taking action immediately to protect Americans. Most of these actions probably went unnoticed because of the media’s and Democrats’ obsession with impeachment process, and of course, the engagement of the foreign actors and agent’s disinformation and propaganda helping to contribute to the confusion we are now hearing and seeing.