Every day, marriages and relationships in general are faced with a broad variety of challenges and trials. Couples are constantly exposed to news about natural and man-made disasters such as domestic violence, terrorist attacks, abuse, rape, workplace accidents, crashes, military conflicts and weather-related disasters which are indirectly impacting how couples, interact and live with each other. According to statistics, there are approximately 36 million reported crimes and crime victims each year in America. The emotional, physical and spiritual responses that follow a crisis are also often more than most people can manage alone. What is going on?

Marriages in crises such as these need attention just like other disaster benefit from help from counselors, pastors, police officers, social workers, Red Cross workers and others to intervene in their lives. The same applies to a marriage crisis. Couples must be open to others’ help.

But what exactly is a marriage crisis? How does a marriage crisis affect the individuals and family? How can couples cope with a marriage crisis? Be Encouraged, answers to these questions and more is what we will be talking about in today’s DrStem Show.

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