There has been a deluge of analysis of former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony before the Democrats’ impeachment star chamber on Friday:

  • We learned that she didn’t have direct evidence during the crucial period of the phone call and deliberations about delaying lethal foreign aid to Ukraine.
  • We also learned that she was “confused” by her firing while at the same time acknowledging that the President had the authority to fire her at any time for any reason.
  • We learned that she viewed herself as a “corruption fighter,” yet she never encouraged Ukraine to look into Ukrainian-DNC collusion and 2016 election interference.
  • She has a high opinion of US foreign service officers and tried to wrap equate her service with the Benghazi Four and the US embassy personnel who were held hostage for 444 days in Tehran.
  • And she had lots of opinions about US foreign policy in Ukraine and how it should or should not be conducted.

All of that is well and good, as it is just her opinion, some of which is based on hearsay since she has never even met President Trump, and was thus irrelevant. However, she did say one thing that was VERY relevant. During her opening statement, she stated the following:

“I have never met Hunter Biden, nor have I had any direct or indirect conversations with him. And although I have met former Vice President Biden several times over the course of our many years in government, neither he nor the previous Administration ever raised the issue of either Burisma or Hunter Biden with me.”

Her entire prepared opening statement can be found here.

Note that last statement in the above paragraph that neither Biden nor the previous administration “ever raised the issue of either Burisma or Hunter Biden with me.” She must have thought that that bold statement would escape notice by anyone while supporting the Democrat’s narrative that she was a “long-serving non-political civil servant who was only during her duty until the dastardly Drumpf and his henchmen spread false rumors in order to have me fired.”

However, under direct Republican questioning, Yovanovitch admitted that she was briefed up on the Hunter Biden conflict of interest in preparation for her Senate confirmation hearings in 2016. Obviously, the Obama Administration was very concerned that the topic would be broached during the hearing by Republicans and wanted to make sure that she had weasel words ready to go in response.

In short, she committed perjury, plain and simple in her opening statement, and the last time I checked, perjury – or the lesser charge of making false statements – is a felony. There is no way that she didn’t commit a crime because her opening statement was prepared long before she testified. Either she blatantly lied, or she read a paragraph inserted by the likes of the Democrat majority counsel Daniel Goldman. Either way, she lied.

Which crime do you vote for? Will she be held accountable? She should be referred to the Department of Justice for prosecution. It is further evidence that she had no business being the US ambassador in Kyiv!

The end.