The year 2000 was the election that pitted Al Gore, former Vice President for Bill Clinton’s administration against George W. Bush, former Texas Governor, Director of the CIA and the son of former President George H.W. Bush.

There was great division between the parties going into the election and when we reached election day and it still was not settled. The next six weeks of recounts, party politics and interventions by both the Florida State Courts, Florida State Atty. Gen. and the United States Supreme Court⏤who would finally resolve the drawn out election process in favor of George W. Bush and make him the 43rd President of the United States.

Why is this important? It is a big part of the movement that is marching us to crisis, and driving us closer to revolution everyday. Let me explain.

Out of the 2000 election we had two big discoveries: 

First: Democrats and Republicans were never going to play nice together ever again.

Second: The media exerted itself in a new role, no longer the reporter of information, news and events, but now the one that controlled the narrative, the events, and the distribution of whatever it alone choose to reveal to the public. 

Most of us at that time had little awareness of many of the details of what was going on in Florida, the Supreme Court, Republican headquarters and at Democrat headquarters. We only saw on television, read in print, or heard on radio the stories the media wanted us to hear. 

We did not have instantaneous reporting on social media by people standing around with smart phones, recording every moment, from every direction and posting it to social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We had to wait for the next report from the networks and cable media.

This is so important because what transpired between the media, Broward County and Dade County Election Bureaus, the Florida Secretary of State, and United States Supreme Court had never transpired before in any Presidential Election on the scale of what was conducted. We probably all remember the term “hanging chad” that little piece of material that did not come loose from the punch card and in some cases had remained completely intact, undisturbed yet certain people considered that a vote for their constituent. 

The State of Florida recounted 100% of the ballots no less than three times, the ballots in Dade County and Broward County were counted many times more, the Media demanded these recounts, but only in those two counties, they were the Voice pushing the recounts along with the Democrat National Committee. This is when the Media became the Dominant Force in both driving and formulating the narrative of National Politics for the Democrats and has remained so to this day. How do we know this? 

Look back to the 2012 election contest of then President Barack Obama and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney and the National Debate Stage. In the second debate the moderator abruptly cut off Mr. Romney from further questioning President Obama about specific points critical to the election outcome, she went so far as to answer the question that she had asked of President Obama herself, with the scripted response that the moderator and President Obama had prior knowledge.

Again the 2016 election, Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile admitted providing Hillary Clinton with questions that the moderators would be asking 24 hours before the debate. These questions were drafted by the Moderators, withheld from the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump, now our 45th President but provided far enough in advance so Clinton could craft her answers.

The Media and Anonymous Became Best Friends

The Democrats continually want to blame Vladimir Putin and the “Russian 12” made famous during the 2016 election by a special counsel, his 49 member lawyer and FBI investigative staff, 22 months, 500 subpoenaed witnesses and millions of pages of documents. All finally proving there was no collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russian bureaucracy, further proving there was no collusion between any American and a Russian bureaucracy. Yet today the media still pushes that false narrative.

Even in today’s news and yesterday’s news, someone at the New York Times, the Washington Post or NBC News will be publishing a story from some anonymous source that President Trump has colluded with some Russian source, and Adam Schiff will be right there to launch his next investigation. 

We all know that Schiff for over 3 ½ years became a legend in democrat media circles. The steadfast evidence of Russian collusion has not produced one single speck of evidence on paper, on film, on video or any other media, yet the media continuously broadcasted Schiff’s nonsense as if it was the gospel truth.

Recently it was reported that the Russians were paying cash to Afghanistan Taliban fighters to single out and kill Americans. This claim is hard to disprove as the Russians have been pumping cash into Afghanistan ever since they left, and we replaced them. Taliban fighters have been singling out and killing Americans for 19 years. So you have a story about Russian money entering Afghanistan and winding up in the hands of the Taliban and American soldiers were killed. It’s not a stretch of the imagination, even if it never happened specifically in that way. 

New York Times reported this from what else but an anonymous source and suddenly, the questions come flying at President Trump, when did he know and why didn’t he act? The reporters at the New York Times and the mainstream media started asking “when was President Trump briefed on this?” And then “why wasn’t he briefed” and then “who made the decision that this was non-verified information and did not determine it was worthy of briefing the President” and finally candidate, former VP, Biden chimed in with “If President Trump was unaware of the Russians paying Taliban to kill American soldiers it is a dereliction of duty”.

How many times during the last 3 ½ years has some anonymous fabricated bit of so called information, unverified and unsubstantiated, made it to the top of your news broadcast as the next big gotcha news story?

And then we hear that the source was revealed to be false, but the use of this fake news became significant political propaganda. The retractions always are buried on the seventh page at the bottom in a tiny column in extremely small print, while the media pats itself on its back for having done a good job, for changing the narrative and influencing the election cycle.

In every revolution since the beginning of the 19th century the press has played a key role in providing both information and disinformation to the public. We all are familiar with the term propaganda, used many times to describe information from the Soviet Union or some other socialist or communist nation. Disinformation is one of the new words in the dictionary. 

In today’s world of politics, terrorism and anarchy⏤information is key to who supports which faction, who they are aligned with, what are their principles and philosophies. In the last several weeks⏤chaos, demonstrations, riots, anarchy and even a declaration of a part of Seattle being an independent country have filled the news 24/7 news cycle to the point of absurdity.

We all know that the media is not aligned with President Trump or any member of the Republican Party, their goal for the last 3 ½ years has been to remove him from office by any means necessary and believe me, they’ve tried almost all of them. 

Element one of moving towards revolution is reducing the effectiveness of the police, this is happening today and gaining momentum in many cities and states.

Element two is control of the media, the messaging coming out of the mainstream media and now social media is totally one-sided. In the last 3 ½ years 94% of all stories on all forms of media have been anti-Trump. This has been substantiated even by the New York Times and many other outlets, they cannot hide it. They have even solicited Twitter for censorship of Trump’s messages. His only source that goes directly to the American people, and now they are placing warning notes as if his Tweets were dangerous and corrupt, perverse and traitorous messages.

Closing America’s Economy

A booming economy in January, setting records for low unemployment for all racial and ethnic groups, rising prosperity, increasing wages, a benefit of trade agreements, lower taxation and reduced regulation for all of America.

Remember last summer when Bill Maher on his television show said, “the only way we are going to remove Trump is by destroying the economy”, he and every media personality were all for that idea. Along comes a pandemic to crash the economy, only problem is Covid-19, besides destroying the economy, is responsible for almost 150,000 dead Americans. The Democrats got their wish, and they’re still working on it currently promoting “Wave Two”, we will see how that works out soon enough.

The experts told us the only way to save lives and stop this invisible murderer was to close America. Stop people from moving from place to place, end public transportation, closedown workplaces, recreation, restaurants, air travel, everything. The experts told us this was made up by Donald Trump on a whim, the most senior official of the National Institutes of Health failed to warn us about the seriousness of the infection rate and the morbidity levels. 

If you listen to the media today, they blame Trump and his administration for the virus. Even though he was the only one out front to shut down the travel and isolate us from the rest of the world. Even so the results have been devastating, millions of people out of work, some with virtually no hope of re-employment because their companies no longer exist. 

Many have nothing else to do but sit at home and be bombarded daily by the media narrative of blaming President Trump. “You lost your job because the president did not act quickly enough” shouts Biden and his media supporters. President Trump shut down travel weeks before the experts told him of the seriousness of this infection.

The now infamous Dr. Fauci on January 22 made a statement to the media, that this was not a dangerous infection and it would not amount to very much. Did he have an agenda other than the health and welfare of the citizens of the United States? I seriously question his actions. 

After several weeks of re-opening the economy, the experts are warning us of a second wave. The media reinforces this 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with numbers that only confirm what they’re saying. The fact is they are omitting the numbers that have significant meaning. Why are they doing this? Everyone knows that if you’re testing 600,000 people a day you’re going to get many more positive results than if you’re testing 60,000 people a day and far more than when you were testing 6,000 people a day. But they do not tell you that, they don’t tell you that most of the people tested positive are asymptomatic, they do not tell you the death rate has been declining across the country. They withhold the critical information. This time we should realize the experts and media are collaborating for political purposes. 

Have we arrived at a “Perfect Storm” with all the elements converging at once?

Disbanding police, anarchists, riots, demonstrations, destruction of our historic monuments, taking over of cities, millions of people being thrust into poverty, huge government debt, trillions of dollars being spent, hundreds of billions more allocated to be spent, and a Congress that wants to spend another $3 trillion, that’s always the Democrats solution, throw more money at it.

We have chaos, monopoly control of the media, a party of the far left with Marxist Socialist message, constant attacks on the current administration, mostly unsubstantiated and without verification. We have professional agitators and anarchists moving from city to city recruiting additional factions bent on destroying the history of America, blaming white supremacy, blaming white privilege, blaming controls on immigration, blaming whatever they can come up with to augment their phony fake narrative.

Our cities will not have the manpower available or willpower to put down violent uprisings and riots, destruction, burning, looting as demonstrated during the last two months. They are demoralized and undermanned. The governors of these blue states and Democrat controlled city mayors are not interested in a peaceful settlement⏤they only want issues that they can use for their political advantage up until election day November 3rd.

What happens next, what does President Trump do?

He offered to send in the National Guard⏤if Governors or Mayors requested the help to protect their cities, protect the buildings, the businesses, the offices, the police stations, the people. They rejected him, minutes later the media was blaming Trump for not acting Presidential, for not being in charge.

When President Trump took charge of distribution of medical supplies for the virus, he was criticized for doing so⏤when he gave responsibility to the states, he was criticized for not leading the national effort. There is no rhyme or reason to the attacks by the media and the political left or how they conduct themselves.

The president could be forced to use extraordinary powers such as Nationalizing States Guard units or using regular military to put down insurrection. You know the media will use every bit of film, video, smart phone clips from any individual who is intent on burning a building or beating somebody to death being stopped by military personnel. We know this because they have been doing this for 3 ½ years.

Who gains from a revolution, not you, not me, not 99% of the people of our country?

It starts with demonstrations, then riots, anarchy, acts of terrorism, to a full-fledged revolution. We are remarkably close⏤closer than many of you may think, or want to think about. I realize this is a very scary proposition I put forth.

We are witnessing across our country a movement to both discredit police, defund the police and, in some cases, disband them completely. Talk of replacing them with some other more socially aware and politically correct organizations that nobody has an idea of what they will be, but they are going full speed ahead anyway.

Mayors, Board of Supervisors are either defunding or disbanding police forces. New York City removed $1 billion of funding from the New York City Police Department, they canceled the enlistment of 1200 new police officers who completed their training into the New York City Police Department. They also disbanded a Special Crimes Unit of over 600 officers that work specifically on violent crimes. Inside of one month murders have increased by over 100% from the same period last year. It is far worse in Chicago, Los Angeles, and several other large cities.

Police officers are retiring and resigning from these metropolitan major city police departments in huge numbers. Those that remain find themselves caught between a perverse political correctness and trying to do their jobs, truly a “Mission Impossible”.

They want a revolution. When Bernie Sanders was actively running for president, he came out and said, “We need a Revolution to change America”. The far left of the Democrat Party wants that revolution, they want to rewrite our Constitution, eliminate the Bill of Rights, establish a one-party government, where all decisions and ownership of property and production reside within a centralized bureaucracy.

1967 was branded “The Long Hot Summer” this was not an election year but unrest over the Vietnam War and other issues in the country created an atmosphere that resulted in over 179 violent demonstrations. They were reluctant to call many of them riots as that was not politically correct, even though cities had major damage, there was death and destruction across the country. 

1968 was an election year when the Democratic National Committee held its convention in Chicago, certain elements did not agree with the platform and rioting broke out, just go to YouTube and look at the level of violence and destruction there was across our country. 

We also had major riots that followed the deaths of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy during the year. So significant were these riots that the United States Army had to be called into Washington DC to put down the insurrection, tanks and armored vehicles, thousands of troops were deployed throughout the city that was closed down completely for over four days.

2020 has all the makings of a “Longer, Hotter, More Violent, Summer of Anarchy and Destruction”.

Who gains from a Revolution that places Marxist Socialists in charge of our government?

The bureaucrats and the very wealthy, at least those that were aligned with this political movement and only for a limited time.

Lenin promised the people of Russia a better life, more freedom, prosperity, for those who survived the purge that is.

Hitler promised the German people, an Empire that would last for a thousand years, prosperity for the German people as leaders of the world. Did not work out too well for them either.

Mao came to power in 1949 in China with a cultural revolution making China into a People’s Republic not too distant from what had happened to form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. 

The far left of the Democrat Party has leadership that is both naïve, sharply focused, on a corrupt ideology founded in Marxist Socialism, Utopian Society myth, that promises a life without worry⏤with freedom, abundant food, adequate housing, healthcare, outstanding education all made possible by destroying capitalism. That is all you have to do, destroy capitalism. Listen to Marxist Social leadership and everything will be wonderful.

The media is selling this idea, they don’t care what the system is as long as they collect their checks. The post pandemic world is going to change, the Democrats want a Revolution, their candidates have said so, their far-left leadership and influencers are formulating that platform.

The pandering of the Socialist Democrat Party is aimed at minorities, ethnic groups, and Generation Z⏤as the party promises rainbows and lollypops. They will be cast aside once the Marxists are in power. They will take away our freedom, corrupt our vote and replace our Republic.

Republicans in the House and the Senate seemingly stand idly by afraid to speak out against factional groups for fear of being labeled, hoping that their traditional constituents will still vote for them in November.

We need Americans to stand up and be counted, to speak out, not be timid or hide, or we will all be standing in line for bread come this spring.