March Missed the Mark

January 20th was the scene of Women’s Marches around the nation. Many of us received e-mails encouraging us to be there, to participate, to resist, to march. I took a few minutes to look at the e mail I had received from the Courage Campaign, the organizers for the California march. The e-mail said that I should be a part of the get rid of Trump movement, the #MeToo movement, and in every e-mail, donations were requested. It said we need to show up to remind Donald Trump, on the anniversary of his inauguration, that We. Will. Always. Resist. 

I like to think of myself as pretty well informed on world events, politics, economy, and current events. Of course, like many other American women, I have a life, a job, a family, and try to worry about my day to day life needs, challenges and joys. I took my moment of perusing this email about the March, to see who was behind it, and to what end. The organizers come from a variety of Hollywood type backgrounds, with various pasts in the movie industry, and some teachers, all of them far left activists. The platform, which repeatedly asked for money, was confusing and I did not get their point or their goal.

In fact, that is my observation of the whole March this year. It was not a united agenda with a purpose, it was a mishmash of every different agenda. Women speaking out in support of the #MeToo “movement” were well represented

So this is what we should march about? We as women SHOULD speak about against sexual abuse. I want us to speak about it when it happens, not years later. Not through a march, but through a court when the perp is arrested for his actions. I want women to learn to be accountable for their part in sexual misconduct at times, and the women who also commit the same abuses on boys and men need to be equally accountable. We need to stop making this a men and women against each other issue. It is a human issue, that has gotten out of hand by men in power, and women who were naïve or who let things get out of hand to get what they wanted from the men who had the power. We run the risk of crying wolf so many times that the real acts of sexual assaults, and there are many, will be ignored or minimized. Every sexual perpetrator should be locked up in my opinion, but we as women should understand our own responsibilities to stay out of situations that are questionable when possible, and to report and spread the word to others about those who do commit inappropriate acts, when they happen, immediately. We have a moral obligation to prevent the perps next predation when we can.

Then there were all of the RESIST signs. Resist what? I’m not getting it. Resist the duly elected President? Resist his common sense approach to government? Resist the extra money in your pocket, or his desire to keep America safe? Resist that more women and minorities are employed than under Barack Obama by far? Resist a wall to keep drugs out of our children’s hands, and our money and jobs going to illegals instead of Americans? I just am not seeing what to resist, and it certainly is not being articulated by this movement.

Then we had all of the signs saying how Trump is racist, the usual left accusation lobbed at anyone who does not want unfettered masses flowing across the border. I want a country, and I want immigration, but immigration where we know who is coming, and what they bring to the table for America. I don’t want anyone to be allowed into our home with drugs, weapons, or people with no training or education, or women wanting to give birth to have an automatic citizen. Seriously folks, we need to put America first, and our families first. This is about one thing only, votes. The left is selling us all down the river with their talk of how wonderful these people flowing across the border are. Inform yourself, look at the real Americans dying from drugs, and the city’s crime rates skyrocketing from MS13 gangbangers. Look at the American dollars, your and my dollars, going to the education, medical, legal, and law enforcement costs of illegals here. It is nothing but common sense and a reasonable expectation to have organized, vetted and monitored immigration.

The women I know, don’t get the whole women’s march. From what I saw and read, the women that were there were all over the map on their agenda. Women have rights, we can do anything we want to do and set our sights on. I don’t want nasty women, angry women, women running around with hateful signs, women that vilify men. That does not motivate me.

Those of us who make a difference do it by putting our heads down and getting things accomplished. We do it by example and leadership and using our god given qualities as women to get what we need from others. It is the quiet ones who change the tide. We have the power, not through hatred, but through the qualities that women have had since the beginning of time, as peacemakers, negotiators, and calming influencers.

For me, I like our President. I like his strength and his work ethic and his fight for all Americans. I am not asking for perfection. I am asking for a leader to put us first. Each of us should get our own houses in order, and if we have a common issue that means something to the good of America and American women (they are not mutually exclusive), I will march. Until then, I don’t get it, and have my doubts if the marchers get it either.

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