I hear people all the time gripe and whine about how this manifestation stuff doesn’t work for them. Firstly, there are two dominant perspectives people come from we need to clarify. 

  1. Life is hard, success comes with sweat, blood, and tears, you gotta pay your dues, money is hard to make, not being busy means you are lazy, once you get success you better latch on in case you lose it. FOMO galore. 
  2. Life was designed to work in your favour. You being You is the thing to do, the more aligned you are to yourself, at your core, the more ease and success you are able to magnetize. All you need for your life is within, and available to you when you claim it as your natural birth right. Just like the rest of nature, seeds turn to trees, flowers, food, we are sourced from source itself. 

Which one sounds familiar?

Which one sounds like more fun?

Which one feels like truth, when you really let yourself think about it?

Here’s what I think, if an infinitely intelligent universe created nature, the earth, us, all the awesomeness, then why would we humans be somehow separate from the same resources of other creations? If I was an infinite creator, I would not create certain beings, humans, just to watch them fumble around blindly searching for meaning and scrambling to prove their worthiness in the world. I think that would be dumb.

So, I subscribe to this way of thinking that we were all created with our own manuals inside, and we truly need to own who we are, and be present to our life in order to access what is already within us.

What are some hacks to align back to our original ability to manifest?

  • Grow-up. Make sure your desires are not childhood wishes that will change your life for good once you have the thing, or make people like you. Align to your real, deep down, authentic idea of success, for YOU. Not what it out there in the world, or in the media or what your neighbour has.
  • Claim the life you want, get specific on what you want your life to look like, but not on how it will come to you. 
  • Let the way it comes to you be the way that it is supposed to. That doesn’t mean do not be in action, it means don’t expect things from every person or situation to be what you think they should be. Not every romantic date is “the one” not every job interview is “the one.”  
  • Have spiritual discernment and take a grown-up approach to this woo woo stuff. Magical inner child energy is great, but I would not trust mine with my credit card! Discern. Pause. Be aware, but not clenched. Watch your life from eagle’s view sometimes to see the unfolding that is taking place.
  • It is a practice. Eventually, you just start to look at your life and reality through this lens, the lens that life truly can work in your favour and is more aligned with nature. This perspective allows you to receive from life and other people, and let go of the constant hyper state of feeling like you need to work hard to receive, you simply need to open up to receive.
  • This shift will not happen all at once. That is on purpose. The universe knows too much too soon will freak us out, so trust universal intelligence ok? Do what is in front of you, calm down, trust. Keep your intentions in mind, but then let them go and do the next thing in front of you.

“There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

Jenna Smith is a “Human Being Expert”. She has trained in Spiritual Psychotherapy at the Transformational Arts College and Integrated Psychotherapy at Lifespace. She is a certified Ontological Coach, Reiki Master, as well as a health and fitness trainer. She has also studied Oneness, Shamanism and Intuitive healing work with mentors from Peru, India, Africa, Ireland and North America. An in-demand international speaker, professional singer, retreat leader, workshop facilitator, author, and coach, Jenna is your one-stop shop for results that last a lifetime.