Tony Robbins has presented big seminars and talks on the mindset of ‘firewalking on hot coals’ now for many years; in fact it has become an integral part of his speech on overcoming your fears and living the life of your dreams. His program is often in the news with many failed attempts of those who take his advice and walk across the hot coals.

“Overcome the unconscious fears that are holding you back,” says Robbins. Sounds like a reasonable statement coming from a motivational speaker. As a motivational speaker myself I can attest to the fact that FEAR is the one human emotion that will not only alter your life – but it has the potential to destroy your life. Fear is the ultimate dream killer. I consider myself fearless in most areas of life – but there are limits to my own fearlessness.

Like jumping off of a cliff with no parachute or wings is for sure a no-no.

Now metaphorically I jump off cliffs everyday – so I certainly get the concept. But if I physically went to the edge of a cliff and jumped off with no attached devices to my limbs – I would most certainly meet my untimely death.


Tony Robbins

So how do we overcome the unconscious fears Tony Robbins is referring to. He says by “Storming across a bed of hot coals”, this will alter your life forever. “Once you start doing what you thought was impossible, you’ll conquer the other fires of your life with ease.” This is the underlying promise in his literature.

But what if I went over to the same cliff and convinced myself that with the power of positive thinking – I could do this thing – that is jump off the cliff with nothing attached to me – as they say NO FEAR. What do you think would happen?

My Challenge to Tony Robbins:

Tony Robbins could really make history if he would go to a cliff – perhaps the Grand Canyon would be a perfect setting – and with all the power of positive thinking he could muster – JUMP. With no devices attached, nothing, nada, no wings, no parachutes, no strings… and no fear.

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