A growing number of Republicans blast Trump in his effort to overturn the election. Trump is cutting ties with one of its top lawyers who was peddling crazy conspiracy theories, no not Rudy Giluani, the other crazy, Sidney Powell, reports CNN. Chris Christie says that Trump’s legal team has been a national embarrassment. The voters have spoken, says Rep. Fred Upton, republican in Michigan. No evidence of fraud or abuse. It’s over he says. Governor Larry Hogan, R Maryland: “We’re beginning to look like we’re a banana republic. It’s time for them to stop the nonsense. Get’s more bizarre every single day, and frankly, I’m embarrassed that more people in the party aren’t speaking up.” 

Malcolm subjected himself to fake news torture by tuning into CNN, MSNBC, NBC; and many of the so-called mainstream networks to hear the war-drums of media bias. But best of all was the headline with the best-bite was from the Washington Post’s Roxanne Roberts. Washington’s establishment hopes a Biden presidency will make schmoozing great again.

Making Washington schmooze again is the topic of the day…

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