Thank you President Trump for the New Years gift. I, for one, appreciate the tax cuts that are being assailed as doomsday making for the country. On the contrary, I welcome them and think we can do even more.

I have heard the media, the democrats, the Trump haters, the Hollywood types, all singing the doomsday tunes.

I am none of those, I am just a regular American small business owner, and here is what I see with my own eyes. I see the stock market at its highest levels ever. I see everyday people getting a boost in their retirement funds. I see the housing market stronger than it has been since the crash. I see my employees able to take more money home in their paychecks, for which I am very happy, as employers really do care about the people they work with.

I see business being stronger and businesses spending more than I have seen for many years. Optimism is high in the business world, and therefore businesses are hiring, and paying more. Since the tax cut, I myself have added staff. We don’t “pocket” the money as the ill-informed, non-business owners assume. We invest in our businesses and our people. More people are starting businesses, taking loans and turning money into more money for more people. This is how it SHOULD work. Let the free market take care of itself, without the government trying to control and regulate everything. People in government only know how to SPEND money not MAKE money. That is why they should not control it. When you have to make it in order to spend it, you are much more careful about how you spend it.

I see big corporations handing out thousand dollar bonuses; money that will go right back into our economy. I see companies starting to commit to bringing offshore money back to the U.S, and bring more jobs here as opposed to outsourcing overseas

People who do not want to have healthcare, no longer are mandated to have it. We are free people, able to make our own choices. New health insurance plans are in the works, which will add choices to Americans who have had no choices.

Manufacturing is starting a comeback and I am so very happy, as I don’t want to buy overseas goods. I want to buy American, employ American and sell American.

We are opening up the oil drilling to make us more energy independent, employing yet more Americans.

With American jobs come American taxpayers paying taxes, and buying goods and services. From my vantage point, we are starting to grow and boom again.

There is more to do. We need to cut the fat from the government budgets, and the abuses of entitlements, and the waste of our money in so many areas. We need to stop paying for illegals, and never-ending welfare and unemployment benefits, and create incentives to get people back to work, not to remain on the government dole. It is, after all, your and my dole, as we are the taxpayers. The government should take care of keeping us safe, our military, our infrastructure, our communications, transportation, natural resources and those who truly cannot take care of themselves. Leave the rest to the free market. I believe that our poor would be better taken care of by religious and social organizations, where money gets directly to where it is needed without layers of people and regulations between, sucking up all the dollars. I believe there would be less poor if we did not encourage people to remain so by hand outs. Giving a hand up is far better.

We have a start with the reduction of regulations and the tax cuts. Lets keep it going and see just how good we can get, how strong we can be, how generous we are and how freedom works.