Major league sports figures say their boycotts are to bring light to the social injustice suffered by blacks at the hands of police⏤yet, their message is wrong in so many ways. The very premise of the argument of innocent black men being brutalized by police is inaccurate on its face. In each case that is used to justify the boycotts, the rioting, looting, burning, vandalism and injuries and death, the people being hailed as martyrs were engaged in activity that brought police and themselves together. It has not been police seeking people out and killing them.

In the latest case of Jacob Blake, which is the stated reason for the players boycotts, they need to get their facts right and wait for an investigation to be completed. This was no innocent man. He had a lengthy record, was in violation of his restraining order⏤issued because he sexually assaulted his former girlfriend, showing up at her home with a knife prompting her to call police. That knife was in his hand and when shot he probably dropped it on the floorboard. I wasn’t there and neither were any of these players who make judgements before facts. This is who they want to boycott for?

We can go through each of these shootings, and in each and every one, the police were summoned to that scene because of the behavior of the person prior to their arrival. Most importantly, their behavior after the arrival of officers is the key to the outcome. In each case that person would be alive had they simply complied with lawful orders given by police, had not attempted to shoot, stab, or resist arrest in a violent manner.

When Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens says it’s “scary” to be a black man in the U.S, he sends the entirely wrong message to young blacks. 

The message our sports figures should be sending is this:

Do the right thing, stay out of trouble, respect other people and look what you can do with your life. All doors are open for you. If you are ever stopped by the police for any reason, don’t be carrying illegal weapons or drugs, do as they say, and all will be good. Don’t get into gangs or drugs and don’t steal or break laws. Stay in school, be a good son, boyfriend, husband and father and help break this cycle of fatherless children who have a rap sheet 10 pages long before they are even an adult, and then their life choices become limited.

That’s the message our athletes need to be sending. 

For athletes who are paid by fans that buy the tickets, that watch the games, that support the sponsors and enable them to have wealth beyond reason, their disrespect amazes me. Athletes have the same right we all have⏤to speak our minds. But athletes are on the payroll of the fans without whom they would have no job, and fans want them to leave their misplaced political and racial messages off the playing fields. The sports community seems to think that their all-important political opinions should be a part of our leisure time and enjoyment of games even when we are the people buying the tickets. Even when their BLM messages give support to a Marxist movement whose goal is the destruction of the American way of life. It has never been about black lives. 

The police brutality toward blacks does not stand scrutiny when you know the facts. It is a myth that uninformed people believe because somebody else said so. Black lives do matter, so why no outrage from these oh so woke athletes about the black on black killings in Chicago day after day, week after week, year after year? Why no outrage at the drug sellers and users that are killing our youth, or the gangs who are there to take the place of families when so many black youth have no father in the home to help guide their sons to a good and prosperous life rather than a life on the streets?

Why do you blame the cops who are called thousands of times a day in black communities and who save lives, and help and mentor kids, and bring food, and stop crimes and watch over their communities? 

Why not a word about little Cannon at 5 years old while riding his bike was shot in the head and senselessly murdered by a black man who bragged about it? Or a 45-year-old stepdad with his 21 year old daughter murdered in cold blood in her driveway by a black man rather than report a fender bender? Or a black retired police officer gunned down by black men in front of a friend’s store?

These people were not threats, they did not have weapons and no one called the shooters out because they were causing problems as happened with all of the cases where the police ended up shooting suspects.

Where is the outrage athletes, for anyone, any color who is a victim having done nothing wrong? 

Instead you advocate for the wrong doers because they got more than you think they should have, when you don’t even have the benefit of the facts. Police are not perfect, but having been there, and having had to make split second decisions in tense and uncertain and rapidly evolving situations, the misplaced pomposity of your social justice outrage at police is more than I can tolerate as a fan. 

I don’t need basketball to live a fulfilled life.

I don’t need baseball to enjoy a sunset with a glass of wine.

I don’t need my formerly beloved hockey to make my day.

And I especially don’t the NFL to feed me their version of social justice when I have lived it and know it to be different.

BUT, I do need police to be there to protect me when I need to be protected from the conscience barren criminals who you are all protecting with your words and actions rather than holding these people accountable for putting all of us at risk. The police are the ones I will support with every fiber of my being, and all of my season tickets have been canceled.