Since the end of World War II, the United States has been the world’s piggy bank, and it has been pointed out as such by President Trump many times. Now the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, is attempting to portray the United States and President Trump particularly, as causing  stress on the “Global Economy” by costing the rest of the world $455 billion dollars.

Well, isn’t that just tough cookies! That $455 billion will be transferring back to Trump’s America First economy. That’s what happens as MAGAnomics reverses the IMF trade (wealth distribution) model. Because of the ongoing trade conflict between the U.S., China, the European Union and to a lesser extent, Japan, these economies will contract by that $455 billion-dollar figure. 

Did you catch the “wealth distribution” part? Sounds eerily familiar to President Obama’s wealth distribution plan to tax people making over a certain amount, and give it to those who make less.

The big socialist and grand globalist plan was ready to be orchestrated. President Trump is throwing another monkey wrench into the swamp, it seems every time we turn around.

Here’s one of the best parts, China and the European Union have devalued their currency in an effort to block the impact of President Trump and his “America First” trade policy. Because those currencies are pegged against the dollar, the resulting effect is a rising dollar value. In essence, the globalist IMF is now blaming President Trump for having a strong economy that forces the international competition to devalue their currency. Had HRC won the election, our trade deficit with the rest of the world would be well over a trillion dollars. We’d be knee deep in a globalist economy which would’ve only continued to weaken America. It’s bad enough that our major cities are crumbling in front of our eyes from the corruption and mismanagement of funds, but the diabolical socialists at the top would’ve kept getting richer. This is one of the reasons they hate President Trump so much.

The IMF was the post WWII Marshall Plan to allow Europe and Asia to place tariffs on exported American Industrial products. Those tariffs were used by the EU and Japan to rebuild their infrastructure after a devastating war. However, there was never a built-in mechanism to end the tariffs, until a business man who loved his country more than himself, came along and said “enough is enough.” As president Trump pushes back against these countries with tariffs of our own, especially China, the rest of the world cries fowl. They’ve all been accustomed to eating America’s lunch for decades, all while the swamp creatures in DC fill their gluttoness pockets. 

About 20 years after WWII, the EU and Japan had received enough money to rebuild. But instead of ending the one-way payment system, Asia and EU kept going and rebuilt their economies to compete with the U.S. In addition, the U.S. was carrying the cost of protecting the EU (via NATO) and Japan with our military. Neither spent a dime on defense because the U.S. essentially took over that role. But that role, just like the tariffs, never ended, until President Trump was elected. 

Where were the swamp rats who were elected to look out for America’s interests? The plethora of useless DC politicians were filling their coffers while American citizens all paid higher prices for products, and paid higher taxes within the overall economic scheme than was necessary. For the past thirty years, U.S politicians closed their eyes and allowed this process to remain in place while we lost our manufacturing base to the Obama plan to finish off America. Wall Street was investing in companies whose best bet (higher profit returns) was to pour money overseas. This process damn near destroyed the aggregate manufacturing industry in America. President Trump has brought these companies back by the hundreds. He’s increased jobs by the millions and decreased unemployment to its lowest rate ever.

Let’s ask ourselves one question:

How does one man take on Corporate Media, Hollywood, Lobbyists, U.S. Congress, China, Russia, Iran, European Union, Asia, World Bank, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Democrats, Wall Street, International Monetary Fund, NATO, United Nations, along with the ankle-biting Never-Trumpers to name a few, and keep on winning? 

Divine Intervention, that’s how! There’s no other way to comprehend how one man can virtually take on all the evil in the world, wake up every day, and say “bring it on.” God has His hands on the shoulders of President Trump and fills him with His Holy Spirit every day, giving him the strength and wisdom to press on.

Even more than 2016, God is preparing an army of Christian soldiers to again, help save America from the darkness at our threshold.

Don’t assume all is won however, as this darkness is desperate, desperate for the soul of America. Stand up fellow Christians, and listen for your destiny, listen for what your role is in helping to save this last bastion of freedom.

For as America goes, so goes the rest of the world.