Love does not come from the world of external validation.

There is a lot of noise about what love should look like. 

Even more noise about what a “good day” should be; the gifts you give or receive, the messages or likes you get or how nice the flowers or cards are.

Maybe you don’t have that iconic Valentine’s Day romantic love in your life – even if you are married – and you can feel defeated and stressed about the whole thing.

It can be an emotional mess.

Good thing there is a lot of chocolate to buy eh?

What if…

Instead of buying into the societally created day, you create your own definition of it?

Most of my friends- single, married, or somewhere in between-simply send love notes and messages of appreciation to the people in their lives. It feels good 🙂

What if it was just LOVE day?

Like Christmas Day love; that whole, unconditional, do-good-feel-good Love that rises above the stress and noise of expectations.

I give you permission to create this day to serve YOU. 

What does love look like to you?

What is something loving you can do for yourself?

What is something loving you can do in general?

I’m spending my Valentine’s day at a week-long meditation retreat. Today people are being extra loving. It’s beautiful. I decided, what the heck, I’m going to wear these pink flowers off the bush in my hair to play with the pink and red theme in my own creative way, simply because it feels good.

When I thought of writing an article about Valentine’s day this was the only message I wanted to share.



Especially not LOVE.

Go feel the sun on your face.

Put your finger on your pulse, feel that beat? That is life loving you one beat at a time.

You are loved, in such a profound way it is easy to forget when you don’t get a Valentine.

Love does not come from the world of external validation. But, it does arise in the “real world” when you have it within yourself.

Don’t worry about your thighs or belly, or your past wrong-doings…let that go. Love loves you no matter what. 

If you are breathing right now, you are loved into existence by the intelligence that is orchestrating all of this for you.

Can you feel that?

Let that in.

There is nothing you need to do, or not do, to feel and receive Love.

So, go buy yourself flowers if you want something beautiful to reflect the love that you already are. Or not. You do You. You get to create your own definition.

There are infinite ways love is in our lives regardless of our romantic love status.

Love is Love.

Happy Love Day.