Love at First Sight

You just know… this is what’s often said when two people meet their soul mate. But is love at first sight real? Find out on today’s podcast with Jessica Zavala… It doesn’t happen very often – that look that goes deep into one’s eyes that say’s “I love you” even though you don’t know the person. Some would say it’s a once in a lifetime thing but when it happens – you know it.

Jessica Zavala, my regular monthly guest and I talk about soul mates, twin flames, and karmic relationships. Some last and some don’t but all are here to teach us lessons we need to learn.

There are signs (from, that indicate a person has found their soul mate. Some of mine and Jessica’s favorites are: “you just know, you’re both ready… you challenge each other, you’re comfortable being your most authentic selves together,… you both fight for the relationship, you take turns being strong, and… nothing is better than being together.”

We also talk about twin flames a couple who some say share the same soul and karmic relationships which can be good or bad but is meant to help each person finish what they didn’t finish in a past lifetime.

Finally, we talk about what makes a bad relationship and a good one and how we all can have those good relationships that last, if we are willing to do the work. Don’t miss this show, it’s one that may help you to be a better partner.

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