Love Your Body, Love Yourself - Here's How 1

How often do we look in the mirror and see beyond, the weight gain, wrinkles, and other imperfections we wish weren’t there? How many times during the day do you hear that negative self-talk that tells you you’re not quite good enough; you need to do more and be more? While we may know intellectually that these thoughts and impressions may not always be true, emotionally negative self-talk and negative self-perception can wear us down. How can we change our self-talk and self-image to one that is more positive and nurturing?

Marla Mervis is a Living Light Reiki Master and creator of Love Your Body Love Yourself. She shares with us some particle and realistic ways to change the words we say to and about ourselves. Marla shares her own tumultuous story of an eating disorder and how Reiki and other methods helped to change her unhealthy relationship with food to a healthy relationship with food.

Marla helps women to honor and appreciate their bodies. As creator of Love Your Body Love Yourself she assists women to find a “YES!” to the question “Do you Love Your Body?” As a Living Light Reiki Master for over 10 years, she enthusiastically practices and teaches Reiki. Marla empowers women to feel their juiciness. She teaches women’s tantra classes and yoga. Being a mother herself, she shares her passion of reiki to pregnant and postpartum mothers and teaches Mama Movement classes. As an artist, Marla’s on camera career has led her to numerous acting and hosting engagements, including the holistic healing talk shows; Pathways to Health, Transformational Travel and Voice America’s Radio Show, Live! Love! Thrive! Love Your Body Love Yourself (LYBLY) is about listening, surrendering, and unconditionally loving our bodies and ourselves. It is letting go of the diet mentality and what society says we are supposed to look like and instead discovering, developing, and nurturing a relationship with our bodies that enables us to look in the mirror and say, “I am HOT!” When we feel good, when we feel alive, when we feel vibrant in our body, we stop thinking about what we look like. Our body is no longer too thin or not thin enough; instead, we become an expression of our life’s purpose.

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