Today we Honor victims of the pain patient genocide facing our country today. Our prayers are with the families of these needless victims. Reality facing every chronic pain patient around the country: LOSE YOUR PAIN MEDICATION, LOSE YOUR LIFE!

With addictions and overdoses surging over the past two decades, recent CDC guidelines urge doctors to avoid or dramatically limit the use of legal painkillers.

Let’s move on to another part of reality are us. What if today is the day? What would you do if your family member, soul mate, friend, child, husband, or wife asked you to help them kill themselves? Commit suicide “I can’t take the pain anymore, I have no life. I will not ever be the same again. I don’t want to live anymore!

You may think to yourself “I won’t give up on them and I don’t want them to give up of life” If Chronic pain affects a love one you may hear a voice in your mind saying…unless they specifically say I don’t want to be here on earth anymore. I may assist.

The most prevalent reason is they are “pain patients whose medications are yanked away quickly. Lastly, what if they have chronic pain and a major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder or another mental illness? It can seem that the world is stacked against them.

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