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Will the United States of America remain a representative republic or devolve into socialist-Marxist tyranny? Notice I tie those two together – I call it S&M. Historically, socialist utopias have not lasted for long. The reason? There comes a point in time when resources become scarce because there are more people in the cart than pulling it. That’s when someone takes power and forces violence on those who are weakest. Yes, that’s how it really works. The populace go willingly, at first, into socialism because they want free stuff and they are willing to give up their freedom for government hand-outs.

The United States of America was founded upon a backlash against such tyranny. Those who settled in Jamestown in 1607, which was 13 years before the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts, were running away from a brutal regime which dictated what religion they needed to be and stole its citizens land and money. The failed social experiment at Jamestown shaped what America would become. Ironically, America is drifting back to that failed social experiment and dark days are coming if we continue in this direction. During Obama’s reign, something similar happened here. The IRS was used as a weapon during the Obama administration against many associated with the Tea Party. And, Lois Lerner skated away freely with no punishment. As I watch our rights eroding day-by-day, I must say – it’s alarming to me that Americans are not taking to the streets with torches and pitchforks. We are slipping back into tyranny – and it may be too late to stop it.

Watching Ben Shapiro’s speaking engagement at UC Berkeley, I chewed my fingernails, and feared for Ben’s safety. The left shows up and tries to suppress free speech. This has become more and more common and more and more violent, yet the American people seem to be okay with this. Ben Shapiro offered a different point of view from the school administration and many of the students at Berkeley – but people were not forced to sit and listen to him. Ben Shapiro did not promote violence or speak negatively about any particular group or skin-color. Contrary to what many have said about this man, he is not a fascist. It was heartwarming for me to listen to his speech. Even better was the excellent question and answer period afterward. As each person came to the microphone to ask Ben a question, he treated each with respect, even those who disagreed with his beliefs.

This, dear Americans, is what free speech is supposed to look like.  

Why is free speech being suppressed in the USA by colleges and universities? Some people think the security is just not worth it. I don’t think it’s about the cost of security. I want to go to the very core of this issue.

This has been a long time coming. Our children have been brainwashed in schools we have paid for with hard-earned money. Those teaching our innocent kids are radical leftists, preaching a warped view of history, creating hysteria about fake global warming, telling our children that the USA is a horrible country – and they’re responsible for it all. Our youth are taught they can somehow redeem themselves if they recycle and bow down to the altar of Climate Change – oh yes, and don’t allow a child to wear a crucifix or pray in school, unless of course, they’re a Muslim. In that case, they have a prayer room and breaks from classes to pray to Allah. They can wear garb that’s different because it is considered religious freedom.

Stop and think about the garbage your children are being force-fed every day in school. And, few dare to stand up against it. Those on the left have filled our school boards and our city and town boards. They’re calling the shots, and that’s exactly why we are in the mess we’re in. But, what’s our role? How are we complicit in this mess? What we allow will continue.

Years ago, when I was in school, it was cool to debate issues and utilize facts and figures to prove your argument. I won ribbons for doing so! With today’s identity politics, this is not looked upon as desirable. In fact, if your child speaks out in school and dares to question anything – there’s a good possibility they’ll be singled out by their teacher – and suffer retribution, bullying, harassment. Yes. This is the school you send your child to every day. And, we wonder why they don’t want to go. And, we wonder why our children are committing suicide at an alarming rate.  

Our youth are being taught to be ashamed of their heritage. And, God forbid they’re white. Then they’ve enjoyed “white privilege”, even if they are living in Section 8 housing and living on welfare with a single parent raising them. Doesn’t matter. There’s a hierarchy of identity politics taught to them from kindergarten through high school – and it really ramps up in college. That’s why, by the time they get to university, they are programmed to believe that violence and property damage are “justified.”

God help us if we do not change the antiquated model we have in this country for “schooling” our children. We have created several generations of children who have a warped view of what the United States of America really is. Not many people dare to stand up and say this any longer, especially in mixed company – but I will. The USA is the best country on the planet. Not just because we are big and strong and smart – and gifted with natural resources. We’re great because of the freedom we cherish. We’re great because of the generosity we bestow upon the rest of the world. We’re great because we’ve protected innocents from terrible Marxists. What, whoa, wait – that part isn’t being taught any longer? It’s a shame that the magnificence of America is being hidden in this way.

I have many parents ask me about alternative education for their children. No one can stop you from schooling your child at home. If you can’t do it full-time, then do it part-time. I highly recommend that parents and children take advantage of the FREE ON-LINE course about the founding of the United States of America and The U.S. Constitution at Hillsdale College.

Just the facts, that’s all you need to understand to recognize “America, the Beautiful,” still exists.

A pack of lies – that’s what they’re being taught. Without the truth, our children will never understand what makes America different from any other country on the earth.

I just hope our children don’t decide to remove our history, statues, and books and all that explains this wondrous heritage. I pray our children do not ignore the great wisdom of a representative republic.

I pray they do not willingly give up their God-given rights.

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