Living Your Life, Not Your Story

How are you living your life today? What is your story? Are you living an intentional life – in the present? Today the focus needs to be on ‘Living Your Life, Not Your Story’.

The Synergy That Is Life
Awareness Of What Is Happening Now
The Ability To Make New Choices &
Start Creating A New History Right Now

Your Now & Present
What Is Happening In And Around You Now

Your Story
The Past And Your Selective Memory Of Your Past

On the show today DrBev talks with Richard D Froilan-Davila Ph.D. to discuss his fascinating book, or you can email directly at

Live Your Life Not Your Story: A Guide for Helping the Helpers

This book is an experience in getting back to living our life in the present and not being at effect of the stories that rise up out of our experiences of the past. The book comes from both a macro and a micro perspectives. The authors come together in this presentation from a history of knowing each other since they were seven years old. Each went there separate ways and touched base with each other two or three times in their adult lives. Here they are seventy years later talking about their lives now and not being stuck in the stories and their experiences of the past. They bring together their professional experiences in the helping professions to provide a guide for helping the helpers.