Have you ever dreamed of what Heaven looks like? Do you see it as a beautiful uninterrupted place of joy, peace and love? Heaven is not as far away as some would have you to believe. Heaven is more than a destination, it is a place to live from in the right here and now.

When God sent Jesus to the die on the cross; it was to set us up for victory in every area of our lives Jesus became the final sacrifice for all of humanity. He die so we could live. Jesus became sin that we might become righteous. He took upon Him sickness, sadness, fear and failure and left us with a position to access all that Jesus closed the book on in Luke 4.

When Jesus closed the book and set down; He closed the book to the result of sin that followed Adam in Genesis Chapter 3. He now became the way to access all that was ours before the fall of man.

Oh, what a glorious message to know that Heaven is where God lives, God lives within me, and all that God has is resident within each of us who has owned the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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