Live In Color

Dive in. Make the moment larger.
Play with your perspective.
Discover the stories. Find a connection.
I altered my photograph with intention (and some really fun filters). Whenever I revisit this sliver of time, I find another treasured piece.
What drew your eye first? Was it the colors?
Did you do a double take and realize this was an actual photo?
Was it the woman’s outfit in the foreground, that she’s rocking with laid back ease? Was it the man just over her shoulder on the sidewalk? Were you finding yourself wondering who or what he was looking at like that?
Maybe it was the woman leaning into her walk, resigned to her task down those uneven stone streets. Did your eye instead wander directly to the advertising, with a desire to connect with a Brand?
Did you let go for a moment and allow yourself the time to connect?
If not, why?
Our life lens is what we cast it to be.
Choose to Live in Color.

Photo location Dublin, Ireland – Angiery Camden Core, Harcourt Street
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©Copyright Joy M. Kleid “Live In Color”