A Guide to Permanent Emotional Healing

We need our body and emotions to guide our life. By disconnecting from them, from an innocent lack of knowledge and the downfalls in our education and religion systems, we feel perpetually disconnected from our innate resources. We were born with our own manual, and forgot.

If your are familiar with my program, ‘You are the Manual’ you would know our mind, body, heart and spirit are 4 very different intelligence systems. We need all of them to thrive. However, we live in a mind dominant society, one that poos poos the woo woo and discredits emotions as somehow weak or unreliable. We are then left living life emotionally and spiritually gimpy.

I was working with a client today, and the insight came to me while she was rehashing a familiar, historical story of pain and betrayal. I cued her to get into her body, and feel into her heart. “What would her heart say?” She began speaking again about all the hurt, which was not what I asked.

“Listen to your HEART, Not your Hurt.”

She paused.

I’ll tell you what happened after I explain somethings…

Our Heart Centre, is not merely the amazing organ that keeps us physically alive. It is also the energetic epicentre of vitality, soul, love, and truth. You can think of the heart centre, the space between the front of your chest and your back shoulder blades, as your own direct cell phone line to your higher self; to God, to Source, to the Universe.

Meditation helps us to increase the space between our thoughts and therefore access more presence.

Intuition is when that presence, God, Higher Self, speaks back to us.

Here’s the rub. It doesn’t always speak English.

The Heart Intelligence Centre speaks in symbols, songs, metaphor, images, nature, and confident knowing.

We need to be in our Body to access the Heart Intelligence system. 

So, how did it go with the client?

Well. She got there! Whoo hoo

She ‘saw’ a vast space within her heart space (between the front of the chest and back shoulder blades). She could perceive there was a big bruise at the front, but behind it was this vast, deep, ocean! And there was a wise, blue whale there: Serene, still, knowing, nothing to prove, nothing to defend, just ….being.


Can you feel the relief just considering this?

She was stuck only experiencing this small, constricted area of bruising from past hurts that have not fully digested for most of her life, not knowing anything else was possible. And just behind the hurt was love, wisdom, and unconditional peace.

When we are hurt, and we don’t trust our body and heart to heal, we live defensive and can’t hear our intelligence from our heart. We stay in our own little hurt prison. The stuck energy from our past ends up running our life. Until we can access the space just behind it. This space is un-taintable, and we can never be diminished by life’s circumstances from this space. We have a wide ocean to play in! We can float, splash, and play rather than only experiencing the undertow of undigested emotions. We can BE, when we can live from our Heart Intelligence system.

This is true for everyone.

There is a vast, knowing space within all of us.

Once I accessed this for myself, I felt compelled to teach and guide other’s to this truth, just like this client who felt consistently abandoned, even cursed by the universe, then suddenly could access for herself her own infinite connection. This connection was always there. It just took some retraining and coaching to access it.

It is always there for all of us, this connection. But the hurt can be really loud, really confusing and feel like it will be there forever.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We are more than our past.

We are more than our pain.

When we don’t shove the pain down, but allow our heart centre and body intelligence to digest and process the pain, we can heal. Our body heals. A cut bleeds, then scabs, then scars. So do our emotions.

Few people let their emotional wounds scab. They pick and pick and shout out to the world, “Look, I’ve been hurt! Pay attention to me, I need love.” And when no one fills that void, that person succumbs to the pain of feeling unlovable or not good enough, and the scab doesn’t fully heal.

This emotional reality, is the unfortunate norm for our society. We don’t know how to trust our body, or trust our heart, therefore, we do not trust reality and we do not trust ourselves.

There is another way.

Try it out.

“Listen to your HEART, Not your Hurt.”

Since I’m not there to guide you personally, grab a pen and paper and allow yourself to answer this question.

Allow your heart to speak to you, allow yourself to be guided by the infinite wisdom at your fingertips.

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